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CA World ITSM Deep Dive Sessions

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We have some really exciting and interesting CA Service Management Pre-Conference Education sessions on Monday and Tuesday of  CA World (November 14th and 15th).  The sessions are listed below and listed in the on-line listing of classes). This is a great opportunity to do a deep dive on some aspects of the products that you have been using, or just to learn more about any of our solutions! And these sessions are in addition to the two days of general ITSM sessions on Wednesday and Thursday; more on the general sessions in an upcoming blog.


CA Service Management Pre-conference Educations Sessions

What's New in CA Service Management - Learn about the major capabilities added to CA Service Desk Manager and CA Service Catalog in the last several releases (since 12.0) from CA Product Management.
Upgrading to CA Service Management -
Are you getting the most out of your IT service management investment? Would it make sense for you to upgrade in the near future? Hear about why you should get current and how the CA Service Management, upgrade factory program can make it even simpler to upgrade.

Hands-on Lab: The New CA Service Management xFlow User Experience for the Service Desk Analyst - Learn about and get your hands on the new service desk analyst xFlow user experience of CA Service Management. This new feature, made available in version 14.1.03, delivers an experience designed for humans and built for service. Learn how features like Cardview, Weather, Heat, and Service Genius help analysts deliver service the way they want to work and deliver the quality of service their customers expect.

Get a Jumpstart on CA Service Management's New Jaspersoft Report Engine - Learn about the capabilities and features of CA Service Management's new reporting engine, Jaspersoft. Learn what reports are available out-of-the-box, and how to build reports of your own. This session will be a combination of lecture and demonstration of the Jaspersoft reporting tool.

Hands-on Lab: Get the Most Out of CA Service Management Unified Self-service - Learn exactly what is possible with CA Service Management to enable self-sufficiency of your business consumers with Unified Self-service, a one-stop-shopping experience from anywhere at any time. Topics covered include collaboration, federated search and more. See how these same capabilities can be leveraged by business consumers, decision makers as well as support and other IT service management (ITSM) power users.

Make Better Sense out of the World of CMDB and Change Management - Using examples from CA Service Desk Manager's CMDB and Change Management capabilities, learn about best practices, tricks and processes that can make this traditionally complex area easier. Areas covered will include discovery, federation, reconciliation, synchronization, rogue changes, service modeling, and more ... 

Hands-on Lab: Building Advanced Dashboards with Xtraction for CA Service Management - Having the right information at your fingertips at exactly the right moment to get that project approved is critical. Static dashboards are no longer acceptable. In this session you will see an IT service management (ITSM) dashboard being built using Xtraction for CA Service Management. See how it can be modified in seconds, demonstrating the power and value that advanced reporting and dashboards bring to ITSM.

Building Basic Workflows in CA Service Management - Learn how to build basic ITSM process workflows. Examples will use flows relevant to common service management processes.

Building Advanced Workflows in CA Service Management - Learn how to build advanced IT service management (ITSM) process workflows with CA Process Automation. Examples will use flows relevant to common service management processes and integrations.

Building an Awesome Catalog of Services People will Want to Use "Build it and they will come." - Learn how to easily get services into the hands of your business consumers with CA Service Catalog. This session will include both lecture and demonstrations covering defining services in business terminology with appropriate costs and service levels clearly presented.


Asset Management Pre-conference Educations Sessions

CA Software Asset Management - Key Customer Topics - This is an informal discussion group consisting of CA IT Asset Manager  software asset management (SAM) customers and CA Product Management focusing on key topics in SAM. Topics will be determined by the group and the session will be led by CA Product Management.

Beyond Software Compliance: Show Me the Money - Simulation & Optimization Discovery, identification, reconciliation, license models, ... some of the key ingredients to successful software license compliance.  But the latest releases of software asset management capabilities in CA IT Asset Manager, have introduced features like simulation and optimization that go beyond just license compliance, providing potential significant additional cost savings and risk reduction. This session explores these new capabilities in depth: how they work and what you can expect from them. 

Software Asset Management Jump Start: Ingredients to Success - Just starting out in software asset management (SAM)? Or are you concerned about the impacts of decisions made some time ago? Attend this session and learn about the ingredients to SAM success that can jump start or redirect your SAM program onto a successful course. Using CA IT Asset Manager, software asset manager capabilities as an example, investigate organizational considerations, setting proper expectations, team/resource planning, building an enablement roadmap, outsourcing considerations and more ... all contributing to a successful SAM experience.

Covering Your "Assets" - Don't get Caught with Your [Software] Pants DownDo you ever feel like you are trying to boil the ocean when all you need is a water for a cup of tea? Well that's what an ill targeted software asset management plan can feel like. Using software asset manager capabilities in CA IT Asset Manager as an example, find out how to identify the software in your estate that really matters, that's important, for which there is demand. Learn where to focus and where not to. Investigate streaming, software subscriptions and other impactful topics to enhance your software asset manager success.

Taking the "Hard" out of Hardware Asset Management - With so much attention on software compliance, is the art of managing hardware assets taking a backseat? This session takes a deep look into how to best leverage CA IT Asset Manager (CA Asset Portfolio Manager) to more effectively manage your hardware assets. Not only learn about how to better use the core features, but also get into the nitty gritty of some of how to employ some of the more obscure capabilities that could provide significant return on your efforts.

Software Asset Management: Working in the Trenches - What's it really take to run a successful software asset management (SAM) program? This session explores a day in the life of a software asset manager by diving into best practices and practical considerations for successful SAM. Learn about what you really need to pay attention to and the necessary steps to follow and precautions to take.


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CA World ITSM Deep Dive Sessions