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CA Security Community: What You May Have Missed (AUG 15-21)

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News & Announcements

General Availability Announcement for CA Privileged Access Manager Server Control

End of Support Announcement for CA SSO r6 Agent SDK

End of Support Announcement for CA Single Sign-On Agent for SAP ITS 5.6

The CA World '16 Session Catalog is Now Live!


Tech Tips & Support Docs

Tech Tip : CA Single Sign-On :Policy Server:How to encrypt password in Sm.registry file without using SmConsole

JasperSoft NT Service for IMAG (Apache Tomcat)

Tech Tip : CA Single Sign-On ::What information is stored in the SMSESSION Cookie

[SLIDES] Why Upgrade to CA Privileged Access Manager Server Control

Tech Tip - CA Identity Management and Governance Last week's Knowledge Documents

Chat Transcript: Office Hours for CA Privileged Access Management [AUGUST 2016]

Cloud Web Services to/from Identity Management

Tech Tip - CA PAM: RDP Application

How to enhance Task Persistance DB performance when running on Oracle 11gR2 DB

CA SSO : RHEL7 and Semaphores

Active Directory 1000 page limit and ldapsearch -E option



Simplifying Secure Server Access Control: Why Upgrade to CA Privileged Access Manager Server Control


Answered Questions

sm-xpsxps ERRORS after upgrade 12.5 SP3 to 12.52 sp1

Moving policy objects configuration to other environments

CA PIM 12.9 - Session Recording

Causes for outage due to trusted host issue


Open Questions

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smconsole not launching in xwindow display

SSL Error

IWA server startup issue

SMPUBLISH in remote server

Siteminder 12.52 CR04 Admin UI

What are the possible scnerios Siteminder returns 401 response?

How to read objectGUID / binary attribute

IDM Question & answers data migration from prov to user store (CA Directory)

List account report ldapsearch or etautil

Can we get a proper documentation for identity manager TEWS integration with Siteminder. This is the part of our identity portal integration with identity manager, where in identity manager we are using custom Active Directory Authentication module. Custo

XPSImport does nt show federation objects

SiteMinder parallel upgrade R12SP3 to R12.52SP02


New Ideas

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Allow offline download of CA PAM Client

Load Balancing capabilities for CA Access Gateway (formerly CA SPS)

Command line options for Policy server management console (smconsole)

Additional User Account Details in CA PAM

HP Tipping Point IPS appliance is  uncompatible with Xceedium

Filter for “Privileged Accounts” report

Ability to assign multiple target account under policy(transparent login)

Adding the user name in the PID request form

Unable to integrate Mcafee Web Gateway Web Portal with CA PAM 2.6

Account name on the request form

No Risk Authentication with Valid SMSESSION

Support for a modern HSM within Auth/RiskMinder

Support for vCenter Server 6.0 and PAM integration

Remove JBoss/Tomcat Agent limitations for modern Java applications

Enhancement Request for PeopleTools 8.55 ERP Agent

Support for Bluecoat SG Proxy


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Bridge Your Journey to the Cloud with Identity-as-a-Service [AUG 23]

CA + You: Solving Your API Challenges [AUG 24]

Office Hours for CA Single Sign-On: A Live Online Chat [AUG 25]

Payment Security: Aligning to a Broader “Digital Business Transformation” Agenda Panelists [AUG 31]

CA World '16


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