PagerDuty V1 API getting decommissioned on 19th Oct

By Dheeraj Pershad posted 10-12-2018 11:30 AM


PagerDuty recently announced in a post that V1 API that we we use for Flowdock + PagerDuty integration is planned to be decommissioned on 19th Oct'2018. So we proactively worked with PagerDuty and have updated our integration to work with V2 API. We plan to push this change on Oct 15th, Monday between 9AM - 12PM IST.


We want to keep this update as seamless as possible for our existing users who use this integration. Hence, on 15th Oct - Monday, between 9AM - 12PM IST, expect some delays in updates from PagerDuty to your flows while the update happens.



1. Does my existing integration work post the update?

Ans: Idea is to keep all existing integrations working as is without any impact to any of our users and hence the 4 hour window for the update as heads up.


2. Do I have to remove my v1 API integration and reconnect using V2 API post this update?

Ans: No, you don't have to worry about this, we have a script that takes care and we plan to have it executed.


3. While the update happens, what happens to my existing integration?

Ans: As we said, on Monday, 15th Oct, between 9AM - 12PM IST, your PagerDuty integration would not work as expected and you would not receive updates in your flows. Once the update completes, it would be life as usual.


For questions/ concerns, feel free to reach out to us.

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10-15-2018 06:12 AM

We are pleased to announce that CA Flowdock now supports V2 API of PagerDuty, the update has been successful and your integration should be working as normal. If you are experiencing any issues, feel free to contact us @ Team-Flowdock-Support@ca.com or post as comments below.