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DevTest Architecture Best Practice - Use Case #3

By Ulrich_Vogt posted 07-04-2016 10:46 AM


Customers often ask “Where do we Start” when setting up and configuring their DevTest architecture. Of course, this really depends on how they plan to use DevTest - whether using Virtual Services or running tests or maybe a combination of both. So based on potential usage of DevTest, we started building a Best Practice Architecture Guide based on real world deployments.  As a part of this initiative, we will build out several architectures that are implemented by either customers or CA Services or are new/tested architectures that fit a specific need.

Our intention is to provide options for customers, partners and CA Services on how to implement DevTest within their environment to meet the specific use cases.



This third use case walks through setting up DevTest 9.1 in Microsoft® Azure environment for multiple teams that do not work on a common project, but need segregated and separate resources to create, test and operate automated tests and virtual services.




Again and as always, comments and feedback are welcome (Koustubh.Warty, Ulrich_Vogt).



So far following detailed DevTest Architecture Best Practice Guides have been published: