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SmartBear Announces Integration with CA API Developer Portal

By Bill Oakes, CISSP posted 07-09-2015 11:27 AM


SmartBear recently integrated a key product of theirs with CA API Developer Portal v3.1.  This product, Ready! API, allows developers to test SOAP and REST services by importing them from the portal.  SmartBear issued a Press Release to announce this integration on July 9th 2015.

As part of this integration, Smart Bear joined CA’s Technology Partner Program. The agreement and relationship is based on technology.


SmartBear is a vendor of functional and performance testing tools. Specifically, they own SoapUI and Ready! API, which are very well-known and respected on-premises testing tools for both REST and SOAP APIs. For more information, visit

SmartBear is getting tremendous traction right now in the API market space based on some recent corporate directions, including:

This has the potential to put CA API Management in front of many more eyeballs, giving us a chance to learn from a new community (i.e., developers) how they view/use/value our Portal.  In addition, SmartBear customers now have integration with the industry leading API Management solution.

Note that CA Service Virtualization carries much of the same feature set as Ready! API’s ServiceV. If you are not an existing SmartBear customer, our message is simple – a heterogeneous environment of CA solutions – especially CA SV and CA APIM, is the right choice.

That said – if you are a SmartBear customer, welcome to the CA community!

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