Service Virtualization

API Enhancements - SV 10.5

By Koustubh Warty posted 05-16-2019 08:07 PM


CHALLENGE: Our Customers want to create & update Virtual Services through APIs without the need to log into the Workstation and/or Portal.


SV API v3 simplifies and enhances the user experience - the way a new Virtual Service is created or updating an existing Virtual Service.

What's so special in this API? 

  • Create a Virtual Service
  • Supports WSDL, Swagger, RAML, WADL, RR pairs,Mar files
  • ability to provide SSL connections
  • ability to specify a port number for deployment
  • Update an existing Virtual Service
  • Supports ability to augment existing service using RR pairs
  • Download an existing Virtual Service
  • Supports ability to download a mar file using the VS name
  • Config parameters
  • Supports ability to specify the following
  • name, description, version
  • Transport Protocol (type, BasePath, SSL, Port)
  • Data Protocol (type of DPH)


YouTube video link - Coming Soon!