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CA Agile Central at Agile 2017 - Days 4 & 5

By Caitlin Lam posted 08-13-2017 01:10 AM


Thank you for following our journey at Agile 2017 on social media @CA_Agile, and in this community blog series this past week. Here is a recap of our last 2 days at the Agile 2017 conference.



Skip Angel (Sr. Director, Enterprise Agility) hosted a workshop on "Designing your Transformation Roadmap" that was highly attended and interactive. Attendees learned the importance of creating a roadmap to guide their transformational journey, and utilized transformation planning cards and other techniques to help them develop this roadmap. View PPT slides and the transformation roadmap planning cards.


Natalie Warnert (Principal Agile Consultant) gave a fascinating presentation on the topic of customer feedback, and its effect on developing a Minimum Viable Product.


She showed real world examples of how she has seen MVP feedback used and abused across multiple large retail products and features. She also describes key strategies to shift the traditional way of thinking to a leaner model while preserving options for delivery through “just enough” user feedback. View PPT slides.


The Project Management Tree Swing Cartoon was seen in a couple presentations at Agile 2017. This cartoon is a humorous metaphor has been used to illustrate the waterfall model of software development.


Agile 2017 Conference Party

Live entertainment at the Agile 2017 Conference Party at the Pointe Orlando.


Denise Jacobs (Speaker + Creativity Evangelist, The Creative Dose) ended Agile 2017 with a relatable and inspiring session, called "Banish Your Inner Critic", where she addressed the natural fears we have about our ability to produce and thrive in our personal and professional lives, and offered some creative methods to help confront and deal with these fears.


Some great quotes from Denise Jacobs' presentation:

  • "Impostor syndrome and the inner critic keeps us from fully contributing in the workplace."
  • "In order to banish your inner critic, you must first recognize your inner critical voice."
  • "We have mental power tools to help deal with the inner critic, such as focus, mindfulness and self-compassion."
  • "Know your uniqueness advantage, and capitalize on it."


Thank you for following our journey at Agile 2017!


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