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What you may have missed in the DevTest Community! 1/12/15

By Anon Anon posted 01-12-2015 04:42 PM


Happy New Year Everyone! There is a lot going on lately in our community that I wanted to bring to your attention.


The CA DevTest Community is now 1000 + member strong! Congratulations DevTest Community 1,000 Strong!


CA DevTest 8.0 is Live

If you just joined the community or have been on an extended vacation since Thanksgiving, you missed a lot of hooplah around the release of DevTest 8.0.  Here is a link that will catch you up on everything that you missed - all in one place. Did you miss the announcement?


CA VAPI Developer Community

The VAPI community is for anyone interested in using, exploring, or improving (VAPI) Virtual API Cloud. Visit and Follow the new CA VAPI Developer Community.


Service Virtualization 101

Every 2 weeks from January 20 - March 31 you will have the opportunity to join a Service Virtualization 101 Webcast.  Visit the CA DevTest Community Event Calendar for dates.  Click here to register for the next webcast:  Service Virtualization 101 Webcast - January 20th


Recent Events:

Dec 2014CA DevTest Community Webcast Replay - CA SV 8.0 Demo Part 1

CA DevTest Community Webcast Replay - CA SV 8.0 Demo Part 2


Technical Content:

MySQL cookbook for DevTest 8

DevTest 8.0 & Licensing

Tuesday Tips: Retrieving log files via Snapshot


Popular Content this Week:

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Recent Member Spotlight - Get to know our community members and CA staf with the regular community/team member spotlights.

January 2015 DevTest Community (LISA) Team Member Spotlight - Bhavin Kukadia


Polls are one of the ways we get your feedback quickly on a feature, function or decision we need to make on the product direction. If you have just a few minutes today, please respond to one or more of the polls on our community here and let your voice be heard!


There’s of course a lot more happening as well including Blogs, Ideas, Questions from users and more.


Contact me if you would like to contribute to the DevTest Community (LISA) Blog or present during a webcast.  Members are invited to participate by sharing content that is interesting to the community.


Have a great one!