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By Alf Abuhajleh posted 02-28-2019 02:01 PM


Upcoming Clarity PPM Trade Show Appearances
Here are some trade shows where the Clarity PPM team will showcase our latest features and talk to customer about their issues ... read more.

AI Is Coming, Finally
It seems like AI – artificial intelligence – was always just around the corner, for my entire career. But now it's finally coming, and project portfolio management is one of the more unlikely arenas where it’s emerging ... read more.

Gartner MQ 2019: Clarity PPM a leader for 17th year
Gartner recently issued the 2019 Magic Quadrant for Project and Portfolio Management. For a 17th consecutive year, Clarity PPM is a leader. In the report, authored by analysts Daniel Stang, Mbula Schoen and Anthony Henderson … read more.

Code Smarter, Not Harder
We’re coding software faster than ever before. A recent survey showed 85 percent of developers use Agile methodologies. Another 75 percent of coders … read more.

Roadmap for Roadmaps
Clarity PPM has innovative roadmap functionality – a way to map projects to the company's long-term strategy for digital transformation, new products, and sometime the organization itself. But as delivery windows get ever shorter, are roadmaps still relevant? ... read more.

Too Much Work, Too Little Time
Seventy percent of transformation efforts fail. It’s a statistic that’s been thrown around for 25 years, most recently cited by McKinsey. PMI reports that 9.9% of every dollar spent on projects is wasted – and that’s an improvement on previous studies. There are many reasons for these failures ... read more.

Actively Manage Your Products. Or Fail
Organizations have limited amounts of money available for investment, and that investment has to generate a substantial return – achieving all of the goals and objectives that have been set for the reporting period, while also moving the organization closer to achieving its long-term vision. There isn’t room for investment dollars to be wasted ... read more.

It's About Product, Not Project, Management
Product portfolios is the talk of the town. While the concept isn’t new, increasing attention is paid to how we manage product portfolios. But before we take a closer look, let's consider why product portfolios management is important to ... read more.

If Your Portfolio Isn’t Following Your Strategy, What Is It Doing?
One of the most significant areas in which a modern project management office (PMO) will need to make changes in the future is with its project and portfolio management approach. While the list of things that will ultimately need to be done is long, fortunately the place to start is ... read more.

Is Gamification Right for PPM?
If you could implement a simple solution to make 87 percent of employees feel more productive, 84 percent more engaged and 82 percent happier, would you do it? Of course you would, and that’s exactly what gamification delivers, according to a recent survey ... read more.

The Modern PMO Focuses on Meaningful Results
The PMO has evolved from providing strategic investment guidance, managing budgets and monitoring high-level execution, to a much more tactical role focused on waterfall execution and Gantt charts. The trend, unfortunately, didn’t pan out for most ... read more.

Agile Planning: Innovate Faster
It starts with leadership, but it also has to reach the lower-level execution stages as quickly as possible. There’s a need to more closely integrate leadership and delivery functions in order to improve ... read more.

PPM 101: Project Finances Made Easy
It’s not easy running project finances, with all the requests for reports, limited insight into work and contending priorities in the portfolio. To better understand how Clarity PPM helps finance managers overcome day-to-day challenges ... read more.

What's So Special with Your PPM?
If you’re reading this you're interested in PPM. You may have a solution already, or you may be looking to implement one. And every vendor will tell you theirs is different. But when you ask how it’s different you don’t get much ... read more.

Accelerating the Speed of Innovation
In a recent study, McKinsey found that 84 percent of executives thought innovation was an important part of their growth strategy, but only 6 percent were satisfied with their innovation ... read more.

PPM 101: Resource Management Made Easy
We recently published an eBook that looked at some of the challenges faced by resource owners when working in projects today. Building from that we wanted to understand how Clarity PPM helps project managers overcome those challenges and we reached out ... read more.

PPM 101: Project Management Made Easy
Multiple project tools, manual tasks and a never-ending demand for status reports are but a few of the many pains and aches of a project manager. Talking to Clarity PPM product manager, Brian Nathanson (PMP), we'll try to ... read more.