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Mobile Testing Monday Week 3 "Evening Edition"

By Anon Anon posted 09-22-2014 06:15 PM


Had a late start for Mobile Testing Monday this week so we have our first "Evening Edition" of Mobile Testing Monday - this is also the first Blog only installment as my voice is off just coming off a cold.


We will continue these weekly discussions on Mobile Testing powered by CA Application Test capabilities from now until CA World '14 - We may even leak some MORE of our 8.0 functionality as there are some super exciting things happening in Mobile and throughout the entire product family, and I am not so good at keeping it to myself. 


I used the Poll Mobile Testing Monday again this week to source our topic for this week - Mobile DevOps. 


As some of you know we have been building out the Invoke API and we have had some great advances in our 7.5, 7.5.1, and 7.5.2 releases.  The scope of the 7.5X APIs was focused mainly on controls within the environment - starting and stopping virtual services, running test and test suites and the like.  Its with these APIs that we started the Mobile DevOps journey.


Invoke 7.5X

Screenshot 2014-09-22 16.43.11.png

Under the invoke 7.5X API sets you can leverage Continuous Integration (CI) processes and tools such as Jenkins, TravisCI, Bamboo, Team City, etc to not only build and deliver your Mobile App but you can add on Invoke calls to Create dependant Virtual Services, Run Tests, Test Suites - while ensuring the entire environment is returned to a known state ready for the next run of tests.  For a small catalog of Invoke examples see ianakelly/Invoke · GitHub This sample set creates a "LISA Bank Kiosk v6" Virtual Service and also is able to run a test suite.  We have used similar API calls to validate our internal applications and internal changes to our source code.  Currently within our development team we have 7 physical devices and many emulators/simulators where we validate the full application regression upon EVERY check in.


What you will see coming in 8.0 is a GREATLY expanded set of APIs which will enable not only controls but also details, data, and metrics related to the tests.  This will increase the ability to drive Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) and make intelligent API derived decisions based upon the test results - for instance promoting a successful Emulator/Simulator test run to be run on physical devices locally and then promoting those successful tests to the cloud.  These validation cycles may continue to further ensure your test coverage on OS's/Devices/Networks/etc.  Using these APIs you may automate your validations to the point where human testing is the first manual operation not the last.


Sneak Peek 8.X Test APIs

Screenshot 2014-09-22 16.53.37.png

You have heard how excited I am about CA World - One big reason IS Mobile DevOps, we will be showcasing the ability to produce a test from production, right where your users are interacting with your application.  This showcase will provide an example of taking Production user experiences and bringing those to the support and development teams.  You will also gain additional insight as the issue is validated on multiple devices thus exploring the overall reproducibility and extent of the issue reported i.e. is it iOS only?  or Just experienced on a 3G network with a specific Android release and Device combination.  These powerful validations will help you build faster feedback to your users as well as quantify the extent of a specific application experience issue/crash/or failure.


As always I am keen to understand your specific desires and needs to support your Mobile DevOps needs, we think we have the right parts pulled together with our APIs but would love to hear about your challenges.


See you at CA World!