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PPM Insights: CA Learning Subscriptions Provide On-Demand Access to Extensive CA Training Library

By Anon Anon posted 03-22-2018 06:11 PM


Many of my posts are about how PPM process and system usability generates business value; and we have spoken about organizational readiness, people centric design, the contextualized operating rhythm ecosystem, etc. In this blog, I will highlight a new service offering, CA Learning Subscriptions, which are resonating within the industry by facilitating PPM adoption.


With the popularity of SaaS and more PPM, agile and DevOps functionality available to practitioners, I’m noticing an increased need to learn and adapt to new paths towards success. The velocity of change sometimes seems overwhelming, and traditional training can quickly grow out of date; not to mention expensive and time restrictive. That said, we are still required to grow our competency and utility!


CA Learning Subscriptions take a simple approach to mitigate these limitations. In the easy-to-navigate learning portal, training is organized into playlists (personas) based on solution area, product, and what someone in a particular role needs to know. The portal walks students through the flexible options, with a focus on continuous education, the latest content and convenience. Check out this short overview:



The data sheet identifies these key benefits:


  • Improve Skills: Increase productivity, project success and solution adoption.
  • Learn Continuously: 12-month subscriptions allow students to keep up with new features and leading practices.
  • Schedule Flexibility: Easy access to training when needed.
  • Save Money: Availability to hundreds of hours of training with no travel time or expense.


CA Learning Subscriptions allow different formats of training based on consumption preference:


  • Videos: Focused how-to videos and demos provide tips, tricks and best practices.
  • E-learning courses: Web-based training allows control of pausing and resuming at student convenience. This allows practitioners to learn, apply and refresh knowledge to improve on-the-job performance. Based on real-world use cases, this training connects learning to applicable best practices and techniques.
  • Dynamic labs: Real hands-on experience in an interactive lab environment with an associated student and lab guide that directs through the learning experience.
  • Expert sessions: Expert-led sessions on key topics are held periodically and are typically an hour in length. Live sessions are recorded and available through subscription.


Visit to view the specific courses included in each edition.


As part of an organizational readiness approach, training of both practitioners and end users is not only a nice-to-have, but vital to success. And whether we need to increase the breadth or granularity of our capabilities, we need to overcome the triple constraints so familiar to us, known as the PMI Iron Triangle: scope, schedule and cost. CA Learning Subscriptions help us do just that and more.


For more, check out the PPM Insights blog series. I encourage you to participate in the best-in-class CA Communities site, where we have access to peers, events and support. You can also reach out to CA Services for individualized business outcome references and analysis. Feel free to post in the comments section of this blog or contact me directly via email and @PPMWarrior.

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