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Full Listing of ITSM and ITAM Sessions at CA World

By Allen_Houpt posted 10-20-2017 11:00 AM


New All-Session Guide (Attached file)Click to View

Make sure to check out the attached new Service & Asset Management

All-Session Guide. Here you can view all titles, speakers, dates, times and

locations for the sessions. The guide can:


  • Help you decide whether to attend
  • Help you justify attending
  • Help you decide what sessions to attend
  • Be a useful resource to print and carry with you at CA World


You can also visit the on-line CA World Session Catalog for more details and where you can find the Agenda Builder to set up your schedule for CA World.


Meet Hundreds of CA Service Management and CA IT Asset Manager Colleagues

If you haven't yet registered for CA World, do it now and join the hundreds of ITSM and ITAM attendees who have registered so far.  If you haven't been to CA World before, it is more of a user group than a conference; information and idea exchange and education are key objectives. There is tremendous value connecting with this many peers, with CA executives, and with CA's service desk, service catalog, SLM and ITAM experts from Product Management, Services, Engineering and more.  Click here to register.

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10-20-2017 12:28 PM

Great stuff! Thank you for updating the community Allen.

Full Listing of ITSM and ITAM Sessions at CA World