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Tips and Tricks: Testing RESTful Web Services

By Alexander Perretti posted 10-17-2017 11:27 AM


In times past the only avenue for communication to Service Desk Manager through web services involved using SOAP calls. More recent releases now also provide the ability to communicate through REST web services calls, and in fact the Service Management mobile application communicates via REST as well. After deploying REST you may wish to test the communication, but aren't sure how. I'd like to highlight a very useful document that provides a detailed step by step guide on how to use the tool "SoapUI" to test RESTful web services calls. If you're starting to prepare to use your own REST applications, or plan to use the mobile app, this is a great guide to assist in your testing.


Is there a tool I can use to test CA Service Desk Manager REST Web Service functions? 

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11-15-2017 03:05 AM

I'm working with REST API and could create new incident. However, i'm stuck on two points.

  1. Create activity_log for an incident: I have seen the doc and sample code (sample of java) but i'm not able to figure out the XML for the new activity for Request or Incident factory. Sample for Chg factory is like this: "<chgalg>" +
    "<type REL_ATTR=\"LOG\"/>" +
    "<change_id REL_ATTR=\"" + chgId + "\"/>" +
    "<description>Activity Log created from REST API Java Samples code</description>" +
  2. Download attachments: So following the samples, i sent X Obj Attrs in headers as 'attachments' which gives me a collection xml of (lrel) attachments link which has ID of lrel with href/url of each lrel object... but i'm clueless as to how i to get the attachment ID next. However, i found the attachment ID from database attmnt table and fired this request [

    GET /caisd-rest/attmnt/400015/file-resource

    ] but i'm getting a '500 Internal Server error' in http response. Here again i have followed the Sample Code in [\rest\java\test3_attachments\].

Any help on these two would be hugely helpful. Thanks!

10-17-2017 11:57 AM

you could also use the out of box java rest sample codes to test REST API connection and calls. the code is

in sdm-install\samples\sdk\rest\java