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Nutanix Monitoring With CA Unified Infrastructure Management.

By Umair.Khan posted 09-19-2016 03:16 PM


Nutanix delivers an enterprise private cloud platform that natively unifies computing, virtualization and storage in a resilient, software-defined solution. Nutanix provides cloud-like economics and agility, with the security and reliability of on-premises solutions. But proactive and efficient monitoring of Nutanix environments—including the platform, its components and the applications and services running on the platform—is critical.


With CA UIM, your team can monitor performance of individual Nutanix elements, such as clusters, hosts or containers, and any applications or processes running in your Nutanix environment. By offering a single view into all these aspects, CA UIM can help your team more rapidly resolve issues. 


Here is a short demo video.




Product Page: CA UIM for Cloud monitoring.

How many of you are using Nutanix? Or are evaluating?