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Docker, Docker, Everywhere...

By AndySmith posted 10-06-2016 10:35 AM


It seems you can’t turn around without seeing the signs of the growth of containers in general and Docker in particular. At Red Hat Summit in June, Red Hat renamed their Red Hat OpenShift Enterprise solution, based on Kubernetes, to Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform.  At VMworld in August, VMware allocated quite a bit of keynote time and sessions to their vSphere Integrated Container and VMware Photon Platform.  And not to be left out, Microsoft and Docker just announced at Microsoft Ignite event they will make the Commercially Supported Docker Engine (aka CS Docker Engine) available to all customers of Windows Server 2016 at no additional cost.

While Docker containers have seen rapid adoption for development and QA aspects of devops, they have seen slower adoption rolling out into production. One reason for this is the challenges associated with monitoring Docker container environments, as traditional infrastructure management tools often don’t have visibility of containers.  Some key questions that pose a monitoring challenge are - Which containers are utilizing all my resources?  Are my containers available? Do I have more capacity on my Docker Engine nodes?  Am I losing disk space to dangling volumes?  These are the kinds of questions we enable you to answer with the Docker monitoring probe for CA Unified Infrastructure Management (UIM), introduced as part of our Hybrid Cloud monitoring solution in June.

We followed up the June release with a recent update to the Docker probe including a new dashboard based on CA Business Intelligence (CABI), released with CA UIM 8.47, that brings you an at-a-glance view of Docker Key Performance Indicators.

Docker Monitoring Dashboard

This is a rapidly evolving space, so as we look to further enhance our Docker probe and related container management solutions, we want to hear from you! Are containers part of your devops strategy?  What container orchestration tools are you using?  What is your platform of choice for containers – Red Hat, Microsoft, VMware, AWS?  What KPIs would be on your Docker dashboard?

For more information, visit CA UIM for Cloud monitoring.

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Hello Andy, thanks for the publications. Can I use CA UIM to monitor Kubernetes?

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It's good to know!

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Hey Andy. Great write-up mate. Thank you.