How To Deliver On Your Promise Of World Class Customer Experience

By Marc Angelinovich posted 05-26-2016 08:35 AM


Are you under increased pressure to drive higher-density virtualization with flash storage and keep up with mobility and cloud services? Are  data-hungry apps putting increased strain on critical IT resourses?  Is the data explosion (which is predicted to generate 20 zettabytes of data globally each year) making your head hurt?


Is the pressure making your head hurt?


We know these challenges (and headaches) are real!  We also know that you expect IT providers like HPE and Brocade to deliver solutions and thought leadership to help you solve them.  IT decision makers like you need to rethink how you should manage your IT environment and your sanity in order to meet internal SLAs, maintain business continuity, and deliver your customers a world class experience.


How can Brocade and Hewlett Packard Enterprise help? 


According to a recent article by the Fibre Channel Industry Association (FCIA), Fibre Channel is THE network of choice for 90 percent of Fortune 1000 companies!  Fibre Channel storage area networks are the industry’s most trusted storage networking platform and Brocade and HPE are the most trusted names in the business to help you deliver on your promise of world class customer experience to internal and external customers alike


Join Brocade’s AJ Casamento at HPE Discover to hear how the latest industry mega trends will impact your business and how you can address the impact head-on. 


Data explosion, what it means for you and your storage infrastructure
Tuesday, June 7th


Session ID #: T9933


Or… visit us at the Brocade booth #114 and talk with our subject matter experts.








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It is always a great session

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Never miss an oppotunity to linsten to AJ! #Rockstar