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Continuous Delivery at CA World

By SummerWeisberg posted 11-09-2017 02:46 PM


Hello Continuous Delivery practitioners! As CA World ’17 fast approaches, excitement is building.

If you plan to attend, please visit my colleague krath05 at the Agility Zone, or attend his session on aligning Agile and DevOps initiatives (see below). Also on hand, practice leads for our Continuous Delivery Services, my colleague Raja_Chockalingam and I SummerWeisberg will be hosting customer meetings.

We’re in for a leading-edge conference that’s all about removing barriers between your ideas and your desired business outcomes. Luminaries will share fresh perspectives and show the powerful features of CA Continuous Delivery solutions.

If you’re attending #CAWorld, check out the session list and plan ahead to get into your preferred sessions. Below is a preview of some of the hot topics I recommend. If you have any questions please contact


Automation Tech Talk: Release Automation, Continuous Integration with an Eye on a Strategic DevOps Plan

Wellcare’s goal was to use CA Release Automation to automate software deployments. The company transformed release processes across 24,000 deployments by the end of 2017. This session covers Wellcare’s challenges and outcomes, including saving millions in release costs. An incremental, value-based roadmap and support from CA Services rewrote the way WellCare releases software.

Government in Your Hands: Using Digital to Reduce Costs and Improve the Citizen Experience

The GPM initiative was designed and developed by CA, based on challenges reported by citizens and governments in Brazil. GPM combines CA products and services to establish and provide a better connection between government agencies and their constituents, reducing costs and improving the user experience.

Case Study: Building a Wall Around Sensitive Customer Data: Strategic Insights from Economical Insurance Using CA Test Data Manager and Services in a Guide Wire Environment

Economical Insurance introduced CA Test Data Manager to mask and protect customer data and improve data quality and quantity through automated synthetic data generation. The ability to create robust, on-demand, highly customizable data generated cost savings by minimizing time between request and consumption across the company’s continuous delivery pipeline. CA Services established a Test Data Management (TDM) Centre of Enablement and grew Economical’s TDM team to enable self-sufficiency.

Assess and Guide Your DevOps Journey Leveraging Industry-Leading DevOps Research

DORA, a group of preeminent DevOps researchers, scientists and experts, is the force behind the annual State of DevOps Report. CA has partnered with DORA to offer a unique assessment service for organizations in any stage of DevOps maturity. By leveraging DORA’s expertise and research, the assessment service can help you understand the strengths and weaknesses in your DevOps program, helping you craft a roadmap for achieving your DevOps objectives. You will gain an understanding of how the assessment works and how to create a roadmap to more fully integrate all levels of testing, including security, into your secure software development lifecycle.

Accelerate Your Plans to Become a Modern Software Factory by Aligning Agile and DevOps Initiatives

Initiatives dedicated to Agile and DevOps are largely run on different cadences with sometimes competing objectives. Each transformation needs the other to be successful, and neither transformation can meet its objectives without being aligned with the other. In this session we will share real experiences where we challenged customers to align these efforts and the business results that occurred.

Speaker: Thomas Krall


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