Service Virtualization

Building CA Data Finder Virtual Services

By Anon Anon posted 07-30-2014 12:59 PM


In our last video, Data Driven Virtual Services and Tests using Excel., Prasad Kona (konpr06 ) and I explored using Microsoft Excel as a data source for both virtual services and tests In  this short video, we discuss using CA Data Finder to build synthetic data and assist Virtual Services to behave as production services AND comply with regulations, customer privacy, and brand promise by leveraging synthetic data.



CA Data Finder is the key to helping build this clean and valid data; it provides hundred's of data scenarios to help build desensitized data and can create large volumes of data for our tests and virtual services.  In this example we leveraged only a very small portion of Data Finder's capability to create a rich data set of production-like data.  We removed sensitive content from production data, anonymized customer names and their associated physical mailing addresses (while maintaining valid State/Zipcode/City relationships) as well as creating Bank Card numbers with brand distribution (Amex, Mastercard, and Visa cards in equal distribution).  We also added credit cards to customer accounts in a random pattern of between one and three cards per customer. These rich data features; when brought to virtual services, can help construct Sandbox environments or services to validate complex data specific scenarios.

Please feel free to comment and give feedback on how this feature might assist your efforts, as always we are interested in how to make CA Service Virtualization and CA Application Test as valuable as possible for your teams.