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NEW! Out of the Box Cloud Supported Mobile Device Testing with CA Application Test

By Anon Anon posted 03-01-2016 10:30 AM


Now CA Service Virtualization and CA Application Test users can run the same mobile tests they run locally across multiple carrier-connected real devices in the CA Mobile Cloud powered by Perfecto. 


As part of the DevTest 9.0 launch, we unveiled a new product integration between CA Application Test and the CA Mobile Cloud powered by Perfecto. The product integration allows a user to reuse tests loaded or created in CA Application Test for functional and user experience testing across a wide range of real mobile devices connected locally or over a private cloud, accessible from anywhere. Parallel automated execution from the CA Application Test portal provides full mobile to mainframe testing – create tests once and run anywhere. Below is a brief discussion of some of the key features of the solution.


Drive Mobile Testing in Continuous Integration (CI)
Using CA Application Test you can use the same tool to run functional tests, tests UIs and APIs on multiple devices under various conditions. Application Tests generates detailed reports that captures screen shots of what the user would see on the device at each stage of the test along with detailed error tracking. The test reports can then be reviewed by your User Acceptance team and development to further improve quality and expedite defect resolution. This enables you to scale testing capabilities from unit testing to parallel testing without CAPEX investment into additional hardware.



With the addition of the CA Mobile Cloud to the solution you get to focus on what matters most – Building Apps, Not Infrastructure. The CA Mobile Cloud delivers:

  • Always-on lab - 24/7/365 – available from anywhere
  • Zero-day device and OS availability
  • Flexibly scalable, on demand, anywhere
  • Enterprise grade security and reliability


Automated Mobile Testing
Leverage existing automation framework across real mobile devices connected locally or in the cloud. Use existing test frameworks such as CA Application Test and Appium to apply filters, assertions, object selection and to generate reports and data sets with screenshots and videos of iOS™ and Android™ app tests. Option to configure local mobile devices, use simulators, set up labs and/or integrate with CA Mobile Cloud (Powered by Perfecto).  The test is then saved as a default, so changing where to run the test is as easy as selecting an alternate configuration just like any other tests. Testers can point their test case to a 
locally connected device, an in-house lab, or to a device in the CA Mobile Cloud to realize unattended test automation and scale.





Run More Tests without Adding Resources
More tests can be automated and run across more devices for each new feature. Simple recorders and graphical editors enable testers to create, edit and maintain tests easily. Success and failure scenarios are also supported, along with support for testing purpose-formatted websites running in Safari or Chrome.





Optimize End User Experiences at Scale
Traditional approaches to functional testing fall down in the mobile world because it is not enough just to test the “function” of the application. Code needs to be tested using the same conditions that the app will be run under in the hands of a user.  The CA Mobile Cloud goes beyond functional testing and into a metric driven end-user experience testing under real environment conditions.


The CA Mobile Cloud includes access to a new solution from Perfecto called Wind Tunnel™. This offers you the ability to run tests across different profiles simulating network conditions, location, background applications and device orientation. You can then report and benchmark the user experience of the different personas at various points in the flow.


Next Steps:

If you’re already a CA Service Virtualization or Application Test customer you have access to this technology today.  Contact you CA sales representative for more information or send me a note.