PPM Insights: FIRST LOOK at CA PPM 15.2’s Resource Management

By Janet Ulrich posted 03-10-2017 03:38 PM


The CA PPM Practitioners have spoken, and CA has been listening! The latest CA PPM release (15.2) is now public. This blog series is our first look into the solution’s enhancements and how they help us deliver desirable value outcomes to our organizations. Other blogs in this series include:

  • Adaptive Project Management and Conversations
  • Enhanced Time and Work Transparency
  • CA PPM and Agile Central Better Together

Check them out here.

This post focuses on the new User Experience (UX) expansion to include Resource Management. I am so excited to share some of the highlights of this functionality with you! Customers have long requested many of these features and they have arrived.

Resource Management New UX

Logging into the new UX brings us to the Projects landing page. Clicking on the Resources icon (outlined in red) takes us to the Resources landing page. The top of the page shows resources we have booking rights to or who are our direct reports. The bottom of the page shows requests for roles that need to be filled.

Two views are available – Investments to Resources and Resources to Investments. We can switch between views by clicking on Investments to Resources or Resources to Investments in the upper left corner.

Resources to Investments View

This view shows the resource allocation information in a time-scaled view. Because allocation data is color coded, we can easily see under-allocated resources in green and over-allocated resources in red. The blue and white circles let us know there are soft bookings. Both of these indicate places we need to focus.

We can resolve allocation issues, hard book resources, and balance our team’s workload. Filtering this view by Resource Manager allows us to focus on our own team.

Investments to Resources View

This view shows investments we have view or edit rights to and resource allocation information. From here we can update resource allocations to specific investments.

Expanding the arrow by the investment will show us of resources and roles allocated to the investment. If we have rights, we can replace roles with resources, change allocation information, add roles or resources, etc. in this view. This is also useful for Project Managers to find and add roles or resources to their projects.



As an example, we can add a Systems Analyst to the project, then add detail to the request by clicking on the role name. The detail includes the start and finish date of the allocation, the forecast rate for the role (the target rate for cost), and the Resource Manager who should fill this role.

Clicking on the Conversations tab allows us to add more information about the request, tagging the Resource Manager so he/she is notified.

The tagged Resource Manager can log in and review the conversation, look at the request, add to the conversation, and fill the role with a resource.

Telescoping and User Settings

Since we always look at staffing for a rolling time horizon, we need to define the scale of the time periods looking forward. We can adjust the time periods available for selection by clicking the down arrow by our name, then clicking Settings.

In Settings, we select the start period, and the number of periods for each type. Time periods are based on fiscal periods created in CA PPM. Below we see Monthly, Quarterly, and Annually have been created and can be selected.

Also on this screen are the allocation threshold, units, and decimal settings that we can adjust. Updates are automatically saved, and clicking Close takes us back.

Next we can select the time periods are shown on the screen by clicking on the telescope icon (outlined in red).

The next screen displays the configured time periods – 11 months, 4 quarters, and 2 years. The light green color identifies under-allocation, the red color identifies over-allocation, the white color is the sweet spot between under and over allocation, and the bright green identifies no allocation. Blue indicates the selected time periods to show in the view.

Pinning and Filtering

Clicking in the space before the ">" value adds the pin icon next to resource names. We can then narrow our focus to these resources by clicking the "PINNED" tab.

Now we can fix the resources/ under/over-allocation issues, then click the "ALL" tab to see the whole list again. We can then unpin these resources by clicking the "X" and selecting a new set of resources to focus on.

Select, Copy-and-Paste and Select-and-Delete

Making changes is even easier with copy-and-paste. We select a cell (outlined in blue) and press CTRL-C to copy the value. Or we can copy values from a spreadsheet.

Then we select the cells (outlined in blue below) we want to change.

Press CTRL-V to paste the value into these cells.

Visual Indicators and Icons

The new UX has many visual indicators and icons that show us what we need to do. Below is a graphic with this information for you to reference.


Setting up the new user interface is done by our CA PPM administrator and includes running a few jobs, setting up some financial information, and adding security rights to correct groups.

For readers interested in more detail, check out DocOps. I encourage you to participate in the best-in-class CA Communities site, where you have access to your peers, events and support. You can also reach out to CA Services for information about CA PPM Release 15.2 upgrades/implementations, and individualized business outcome references and analysis. Feel free to post in the comments section of this blog or contact me directly via email and Twitter @janetulrich.



06-14-2017 09:51 AM

First of all - I really appriciate that you are taking the first step in moving from Resource Mgt in the old UI to a more modern approach.


But as far as I can make out it isn´t possible to work both in the old UI with role soft booking (by the Project Manager) and in the new UI with role hard booking (by the Resource Manager) - is that correct? It looks like the role demand in the new UI requires Resource manager to be set while in the old UI you can only set Staff OBS on the role.


This would for us be a deal breaker since it would force our PM´s to do part of their planning in the old UI (task and team planning) while having to update the role requests afterwards in the new UI.

04-11-2017 04:09 PM

Great feedback Dale! I will pass it along.


There isn't a way for customers to add filters. Expanding the filters available in the UI is planned.


The Requests are simply where a role has been added to the Team of a project with Allocation. This is not using the Requistion functionality in the Classic UI.

03-28-2017 11:47 AM

Hi Dale,


I am having trouble editing my hours via the new RM screens, I am in the RM for myself as well as the Investment Mgr for t. I should be able to update the hours on the screen. Am I missing something?

03-24-2017 11:05 AM

Dale_Stockman Thanks for the hint. I now see the Icon :-)

03-24-2017 10:53 AM

Found new access right:  "Resource Management - Navigate" 


This is necessary in order to see the new RM screens in new UI - added this to group(s) via classic UI.


Don't look for this on new UI - go to classic view, edit your security group rights/membership, there.  Once done, the RM icon will appear for you in new UI.

03-23-2017 12:03 PM



i have the same issue. What have to be done to see the new resource Icon in the New UI?

Thanks for any hint.

03-22-2017 04:22 PM

Having trouble getting to materials on DocOps site - site comes up, then locks.


Found new access right:  "Resource Management - Navigate" 


This is necessary in order to see the new RM screens in new UI - added this to group(s) via classic UI.


First thoughts: 


  • Cool! 
  • Like the ability to copy/paste from/to multiple cells - not quite as quick/smooth as Excel in browser, but big step in right direction. 
  • Will be useful for groups still planning at allocation level, that are not ready yet for assignments or task planning via WBS.
  • Appears to be setup to support investment and resource managers - good, except our resource management is still largely done one level above these managers, therefore, the available filters are insufficient - really need filters to include Department, Location, OBS,  ....Is there a away for customers to add filters?
  • Thanks for the screenshot with icon callouts - would be better if "Tip" pop-ups would display on screen when hovering over the icons - users are going to click the "x" to see what it does, then get message that they've remove resources "Oh, Cripe!  That's what that does!"
  • Filter for names -
    • click in Resource Manager field
    • list of names prepopulates
    • see 'first name first'
    • start to type a name "Richard"
    • auto filters, cool
    • "Richard" I'm looking for is Richard Red..." - there's a lot of Richards and I don't want to scroll through the long list, so continue typing by adding " R"  (Richard R)
    • No results found - unlike other apps (e.g. Outlook), where the auto filter continues to present results as the last name is entered
    • Realize that I can delete entry, start over with last name "Red..."
  • Columns are wider than they need to be - nice look, but when displaying data over wide time period, would be useful to have means to reduce all column widths and word wrap calendar labels
  • Auto-save - maybe that's OK, but would like to have an "undo/redo" capability.
  • Wow - we've not been using the Request feature in CA PPM - so every resources and role allocation to every project is listed as "New" and now shows in the Requests portlet/window - Ouch! 
    • If we decide to use this, will take a lot of cleanup before its useful
    • Before than, can we turn the Requests window off?
    • Since we don't use this feature, what would I have asked for, had I been asked?  The assignment version of the Resources/Investments window - since we have a group using a similar solution from a CA partner.



Definitely a big step in the right directly - now, let's see if sprints can deliver some enhancements via patches, rather than full integer or .x releases.

03-16-2017 05:05 PM

Excellent news ! Thanks.

03-15-2017 09:13 AM

Hi Janet Ulrich,


Excellent Blog.. Very helpful information.

03-11-2017 07:00 AM

looking really good, i'm sure our customers will love it

03-10-2017 05:40 PM

Thank you Janet - can't wait to get my hands on it!

03-10-2017 03:59 PM

So excited to share this with our customers