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CA Security Community: Weekly Recap (11/3-11/9)

By kristen.palazzolo posted 11-10-2014 09:57 AM


What happened last week in the CA Security Community?


Here's a quick recap...



CA World IT Security Educational Sessions

What would you ask the Lead Security Architect of Coca-Cola? [CA WORLD SESSION]

End of Life Announcement for CA AuthMinder™ Certificate Management formerly known as RegFort


Questions Answered

What is the default list of CSS characters Siteminder checks for?

Unable login adminUI

CA Single Sign On Web Intercept Error 403



Product Tips

How can we manage connections to multiple RSA Servers from a Policy Server ?

How can I get the User Groups by using the Java SDK (12SP3) ?


Scripts and Tools

How to enable odbc trace in Windows


Transcripts and Recordings

Lower Your TCO with CA Access Gateway and NetScaler SDX [WEBCAST SLIDES]

CA Security Community Webcast Replay: Lower Your TCO with CA Access Gateway for Citrix NetScaler SDX.


New Ideas

Certifiy WebAgent R12.51 64 bits for IHS 8.5.5 on win2008 R2

JRE1.8 support

Enhancement Request : Siteminder ERP Agent Peopletools 8.54

Enhancement Request - Certification - Siteminder Policy Server & ASF Apache Agent

Support for SAP kernel 7.4

Create User Error Needs to Identify Field Name

CA Privileged Identity Manager (PIM) and CA Workload Automation ESP integration/ compatibility

Active/Active CA Privileged Identity Manager - Enterprise Manager Solution Needed

Enhancement for passing user attributes in a launch URL

DataMinder : User requires more than one polices for two entities (groups) of the user hierarchy


Upcoming Events


Follow the CA World '16 Community for all of the latest and greatest happenings from Vegas this week!

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