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What You May Have Missed in the CA Release Automation Community (May 24 - June 10)

By Melanie_Giuliani posted 06-10-2016 01:48 PM


Upcoming Events

Don’t Miss the Continuous Delivery Virtual Launch Event on June 15 - June 15 at 11am ET

RA Community Webcast - Creating a Release Automation Continuous Delivery Edition Plug-In - June 22 at 11am ET

RA Community Webcast - CA Release Automation V6 Architecture Overview - June 29 at 11am ET


Product Announcements

CA Release Automation v6.1 now available!


Noteworthy Content

Take the voke survey on release management practices by June 30

Release Automation Migration Guide

New Release Automation Videos!

Ask a Question, Get an Answer (May 17 - June 6)

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New Tech Tips/KB Articles


Tech Tip: Access privilege to use and view Shared components


New Ideas

Show different menu tabs in ROC

Action to create/delete Server Types

Defining global cross application parameters inside RA (parameter structure)

agent response file on Windows for silent install shoud ignore file format

Add optional configuration for http/https proxy to agent installer.

new set parameter for string array

Create the ability for 'Indirect LDAP integration' to work independently of ldap groups/roles.

Add the ROC action "Check if artifact still exists physically "

OSB action pack to support previous versions

Error level in log

Shared Component duplication


Recently Answered Questions

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