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What you may have missed (April 27 - May 3)

By Anon Anon posted 05-08-2015 08:47 AM


Upcoming Events:

Office Hour Events - one hour webex chat, ask questions to CA Support.


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Next Week May 12: Office Hours for CA UIM - May 2015


Office Hours for Spectrum - May 2015

Office Hours for Network Flow Analysis - May 2015

Office Hours for Application Delivery Analysis - June 2015

Office Hours for CA Performance Management - June 2015

Office Hours for eHealth - June 2015

Office Hours for CA UIM - July 2015


For EMEA Community Members: 
2 days full of technical sessions as well as several hands-on deep dive lab sessions for the IM products. At CA Ditton Park facilities just outside London and easily accessible from Heathrow airport - read post IM Tech event EMEA - May 20-21, 2015 - Ditton Park, UK


Tech Docs:

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When attempting to install NSM client Fatal error message appears

How to Migrate MDB on a New Hardware?

Tech Tip: Using nhElementStatus to list the polling status of elements in eHealth

TECH TIP: Why don't SNMPv3 traps show up in the TrapExploder trap log?


New Ideas, Vote them up or down!


alarm history view


preserve Spectrum configuration files during upgrade/patch

Enable LiveLinks for more than 1 line in Spectrum

Create privileges in Spectrum to make every tab in "Component Detail" separat visible or unvisible



[eHealth] Assign/ change parent elements in OneClick



Support for Tomcat 8 in the Tomcat Probe

NAS replication Alarms

ntperf probe - cross-profile dynamic thresholds

Process probe should use RES/RSS for  monitoring memory for Processes

metric level maintenance mode

Release nimsoft-SDK.jar versions more consistently.

Message customization for websphere_mq probe



Massmodify of VAIM templates



[NFA] Flexible flow collector for better vendor support