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What you may have missed (May 18 - May 24)

By Anon Anon posted 05-22-2015 07:40 AM



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Upcoming Events:

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Office Hours for Spectrum - May 2015

Office Hours for Network Flow Analysis - May 2015

Office Hours for Application Delivery Analysis - June 2015

Office Hours for CA Performance Management - June 2015

Office Hours for eHealth - June 2015

Office Hours for CA UIM - July 2015


New Tech Tips

Tech Tip: NFA 9.3.3 Upgrade Path

Tech Tip: ifType Rejection in NFA 9.3+ and Cleanup Procedure

Tech Tip: Dual Netflow Stream Causing Bogus Interfaces

Tech Tip: How to remove interfaces with a NULL / 4294967295 value for ifIndex.

Tech Tip: Clean up NQRPTR database after upgrade from RA to NFA to prevent upgrade issues

TECH TIP: eHealth Fix Codes as of 21-May-2015

Tech Tip: How to increase the logging level for the "CA NFA Reaper" service in NFA.

Tech Tip: "Get property operation returned empty data set" when using "On Demand" Report Template with an NFA Device or Interface in CAPC


New Blog Posts

An app-centric capacity planning approach to IoT


New Ideas

error codes on url_response

HTML5 Dashboards: Copy/Paste datasources

Metrics for 'Linux Robot' Disk in Capman_da



Limiting CI table scan while creating a ticket using CASDGTW probe

Templates for Printers probe

Hit counters for dashboards

OR Condition for Alarm Data Source in Dashboard

Add contact field in every probe

Probe emailgtw - new variable for Acknowledged by

CDM on HPUX : swap memory is undervalued

sqlserver probe - some checkpoints have ridonkulous logic

CDM Network Statistics to report in bits/sec

UIM: Processes Probe default QOS values

USM Alarm Console Address Or Domain Variables.

converting from user names to email addresses without using LDAP

service_host - Tomcat Upgrade

Created an update Wizard for probes



Interfaces & Custom reports should allow users to select timezone and time filter



64 bit counters/integer for SystemEDGE

Sysedge support on RedHat 7



Would like to create a attribute that can count the managment impact and send it through an SANM alert

Include built-in FTP/TFTP Server in future Spectrum builds

Extend the Asset Mapping in the Spectrum/Service Desk integration to support other than Device models


CA Performance Center / Performance Management

About Japanese font files required by CAPC

SNMP errors/warning should list device ID



UCM- Show interface description for midstream devices


Prior Edition What you may have missed (May 4 - May 17)