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The End of an Era - Farewell and Thank You ""

By Kyle_R posted 12-08-2015 09:31 PM


Hello Everyone,


It is with regret and a bit of sadness that I read today that the site  is shutting down due to technical issues. They've put out an annoucement here, which I'd encourage former users to read.


For those of you not familiar with this site, it has been a third party site - not run or managed by CA Technologies - that for many, many long years has been providing assistance to CA Service Desk Manager users. It was the main, at times the only source of true "community" information for the users, by the users.

It attracted a gathering ranging from neophytes to advanced system administrators and questions equally as broad. In particular, questions that fell "out of scope" for CA Support or which did not justify the cost of a Services engagement such as customisation queries, ended up here.


Not a few times, my own internet searches led me to information here, which let me help out customers (or occasionally, myself).


So I'd like to personally thank the organisers of this site for getting this running and keeping it going for so long.

I'm aware of Greg and Getyafix. My thanks to those two in particular, but thanks to everyone involved.


Tip: There is a chance that you can still use a Google search including the term "" and looking at the "cached" pages for a while longer, if needed.



Luckily, CA Communities has had a chance to grow over the years as well, so I am hopeful that all those that found a home there can find a home here as well. Certainly we have seen good growth and a substantial contribution from the user base ready to roll up their sleeves and tackle the tough questions.

So to anyone coming here for the first time from, welcome. We'll do our best to help you out.


I don't think I can say it better than:


Thank you,!





01-03-2016 11:05 PM

UPDATE! ServiceDeskUsers is BACK! ! !


Thank you everyone for your good cheer on this thread.


In one of those rare situations in which things go well, it looks like SDU has risen from the ashes. Check out their post here:


SDU, Reborn! - ServiceDeskUsers





12-11-2015 12:40 AM

Servicedeskusers and helpdeskusers are very helpful through out my career. its a best forum for ca servicedesk users and administrator to learn and enhance there knowledge.


Thank you Servicedeskusers forum I never forget your help.


I wish CA community will grows like servicedesk and helpdesk user forums.

12-11-2015 12:14 AM

Thanks Greg & Getyerfix and all contributors to the forums and wiki's !


I learnt a lot over the years and was also able to contribute knowledge on a few occasions.

12-09-2015 03:33 PM

HI Kyle_R, It's a great honor this post for administrators too remebering Giedrus comment about old community (helpdeskusers), however Greg and others guys did a great job on servicedeskuser.



Social Communities for CA Service Management Around the world - CA Technologies 

12-09-2015 05:15 AM

It is very sad to hear this news, Thank you for everyone who joined the

12-09-2015 04:30 AM

A lovely place where I grew up and tried to learn English : )

12-09-2015 02:34 AM

Yes, it's sad it got hacked and the site is no longer active.

All thanks to the people that made SDU a great community and specially to Greg (Gregg) and Jason (Gityerfix) !

12-09-2015 02:00 AM

Servicedeskusers and Helpdeskusers was the best non official SDM sites ever. Thank you both of them!

12-08-2015 10:27 PM

thank you very much SDUsers