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What You May Have Missed in the CA Plex 2E Community (April)

By Chris_Stallone posted 05-04-2015 12:17 PM



Get ready for CA World ’15.

We’re excited to announce the return of our biggest technology event of the year: CA World. Join us this November to get inspired and learn about the technology trends and innovations that will help rewrite your business.

This year’s event has more to offer than ever before:

  • Discover new product innovations designed to fuel success in the Application Economy.
  • Take part in business-critical, hands-on labs and expert sessions on DevOps, Security, Management Cloud and our Mobile-to-Mainframe platforms.
  • And we've added 50% more Pre-Conference education classes to help you get the most out of your CA investments.

It’s an experience not to be missed. Start planning your trip to CA World ’15 today. Registration opens mid-May.

Keep an eye out for updates here on the CA World '15 Community


Plex 7.1 Certified on IBMi 7.2

CA Plex r7.1.026.004 CUM PTF Published!

7th CA 2E/Plex Worldwide Developer Conference: Agenda and session abstracts published

Upcoming Events:

New Member Webcast - May 2015


iasp and CA 2E

Plex EJB generation version: obsolete V2.0

Make Level/Version/Variant Info visible from Action Diagram Editor

Practical VS .NET Examples on how to Integrate 'Plex' functions into Web Pages

DB Utility for Multi-Model Maintenance


Go Mobile:

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