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Release announcement: CA MAT v12.0.01 with CA MOI integration 

By Petr.Klomfar posted 02-20-2018 09:31 AM


On behalf of the CA Mainframe Application Tuner development team, CA MAT V12 Incremental 1 (MAT v12.0.01) is now available with CA Mainframe Operational Intelligence integration (MOI).


This incremental release includes on-going currency and certifications that were made available via enhancement PTFs and product feature enhancements.


New features

  • Caller ID for Language Environment enhancement
  • CA Mainframe Operation Intelligence integration*


Currency /Certification:

  • z/OS 2.3
  • z14 and Pervasive Encryption
  • WAS v8.5
  • CICS CTS v5.4
  • MQ v9.0.1
  • DATACOM / IDEAL v15.0
  • IDMS v19.0


 Delivered on top of INC01, the above noted MOI integration* lets users utilize MAT with Mainframe Operation Intelligence (MOI). For the requirements of this integration, see the  Automating Alarms for CA MOI section of the CA MAT documentation.


MOI helps you proactively prevent problems and automate corrective action to reduce downtime, improve IT Ops team efficiency, and address the mainframe skills gap utilizing combination of multi-domain data, machine learning and predictive analytics.


To identify performance issues, MAT measurements are invoked by automated alarms when deviations from the statistical basis are detected on the system, and provide compressed MOI performance analysis information. For more information about MOI, see the following resources:



For more information about CA Mainframe Application Tuner V12, see the release notes in CA MAT V12 documentation


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Product Owner of CA MAT