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API Management Community: What You May Have Missed [SEP 2015]

By kristen.palazzolo posted 10-05-2015 11:20 AM


What happened last month in the CA API Management Community? Check it out...


News & Announcements

Useful Blog on OAuth best practices


Support Docs

Chat Transcript: Office Hours for API Management [Sept. 17th]

Using the RESTMAN Gateway Manangement APIs to change the password of a Internal Identity Providor user


Top Viewed Answered Questions

How to change the Cipher Suites to the 8443 Listen Port?

How to Extract null value from a JSON using Evaluate JSON Path Expression ?

Clearing patch files post installation of patches

Policies + Version Control

Handle Cross Domain issues in Gateway


Top Viewed Open Questions

Help 'em out!

How to monitor API health/availability

Taking the backup in xml format

Layer7 SSG 8.4 - How to - Retrieve credentials from context variable Assertion

Is there any quotas and rate limits best practices?

What does MAG do with the client's public key on device registration?


New Ideas

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Debug into Encapsulated Assertions

Add access control to application inside an organization

Create a read-only role in API Portal

Add a capability to delete developer account and organization

Add a dependencies traceability mechanism to policies and fragments in policy manager

Caches on Gateways

Support XML Schema v1.1

Debugger Break on Variable

Reporting on All Changes to Gateway

Modify Log Configuration using RESTMan

Add cfn_init to AWS AMIs


Upcoming Events

What to expect at the CA World API Management & App Development Theatre [Oct. 6th]

Office Hours for CA API Management: A Live Online Chat (Oct. 15th)