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DevTest 9.5 is Generally Available (GA)

By Anon Anon posted 06-29-2016 02:07 PM


CA Service Virtualization /CA Application Test/ CA Application Insight 9.5


We are pleased to announce that DevTest 9.5 including CA Service Virtualization, CA Application Test and CA Continuous Application Insight 9.5 is generally available (GA) as of June 29, 2016.  This release includes some really awesome integrations with CA Agile Central (Rally) and CA API Management. We did an uplift on our Mainframe capabilities too, both adding functionality to SV in the DevTest Portal and putting in enhancements for users of CA CAI. In addition, we removed the old Server Console and replaced that functionality in the DevTest Portal.


1 old UI Down, 1 more to go!


Here is a summary of the key functionality introduced in DevTest 9.5:


CA Application Test 9.5


CA Continuous Application Insight 9.5

  • New Integration with CA API Management - CA CAI lets you capture the request and response data for APIs that are managed by CA API Gateway. You can then use CAI to create baselines and virtual services for the APIs.
  • New Mainframe Transaction Virtualization with full agent configuration, transaction creation and virtual service creation right in the DevTest Portal.


CA Service Virtualization 9.5

  • Mainframe Support Enhancements including:

  • New SandBox Feature: Virtual Service Configuration added to the DevTest Portal so that you can (1) change the HTTP configuration of existing virtual services (host, port, SSL settings) after they've been created and (2) change the DPH settings for SOAP, JSON v2 and XML transactions. You no longer need to open up the DevTest workstation to modify the Virtual Service Model OR re-record a virtual service to make a simple change to endpoints or data protocol handlers.

  • New SandBox Feature: Create a Virtual Service from Request/Response Pairs with editing capability along the way including:

      • New Workflow to Create Virtual Services from Request/Response Pairs so that you can view the transactions, edit them, add new RR pairs, and delete from the list before finishing out the steps to create the virtual service.

      • Automatic creation of a virtual service image and model within a requested project -- you no longer need to download a MAR file, upload it into a project and open it up to be able to edit the virtual service you just created.


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