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What you may have missed (June 29 - July 5)

By Anon Anon posted 07-07-2015 09:42 AM


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Hello IM Community! This week's edition of the “What you may have missed” blog series is a day late but with good reason. Last week, I had the opportunity to travel to our office in the great state of Colorado, where I had an opportunity to educate and drive awareness about the value of CA Engineering participation in our community! As you can imagine, this group of CA'ers are extremely busy, but as I explained, there is nothing more important than listening to the voice of our customers! I think you can expect to see an uptick in engineering participation in our community a result of this visit.  Of course, 'participation' comes in many flavors so initially I simply asked them to "listen" to what all of YOU – our customers – have to say about our products. I explained they need to understand what questions and discussions are taking place here in this community and they should also be familiar with what ideas are being requested.


As your Community Manager, I am dedicated to ensuring that the customer voice is heard and that ultimately you have a pleasant experience when engaging with us here online.  I am always open to your feedback, so please feel free to send me a message here: MelissaPotvin. Otherwise, see you online!




News and Announcements

IT Central Station Reviews for CA UIM Customers & Amazon Fire HD

CA Performance Management 2.5++

NOW LIVE - On Demand Certification Portal for CA Performance Management

CA UCM r3.9 GA Announcement

Announcing the CA UIM CA APM Gateway Probe 2.0 Solution Validation Program – Please join us!


Free Education

CA DCIM - Free Web-Based Training


Did you see this?
Spectrum Ideation Update (Monthly Summary) --> Spectrum Ideas Update - July 2015


New Videos:

CA Spectrum r10.0: Search Query Management


New Ideas

bulk/template config for dynamic alerts for configuration in admin console



CA Visual Infrastructure - ESX integration using a non-root user

CA Visual Infrastructure - vCenter integration

Do not Require Root Access to Troubleshoot/Upgrade/Install

CA Visual Infrastructure - Project Wizard - relationship definition



Modify the custom report title on NFA



Logmon should report success or failure when monitoring a URL based on the HTTP response code, not the presence of a body in the result

UIM-Active Directory Integration

VMware Probe - Prevent 'all' VM's from discovery

VMWare Probe setting to use GuestHostName in alarms

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Probe

re-enable tunnel alarms



View Spectrum Alarms in the UIM Alarm View



Spectrum 10 GISVIEW - Have the ability to view Global Collections as icons on the Google map

Spectrum 10 GISVIEW - Dynamic Status Updates for Devices

Spectrum 10 GISVIEW - Cache Location Data

Checkpoint IPSO CPU Multicore Monitoring and Alarming

Improve the product quality by correcting known errors in CsEvFormat, CsPCause and other text files with each spectrum update

Spectrum OID is not certified


Speed up the  model activation process in Spectrum


Customer Created Tech Tip:

RESTFUL / API / Search Device with Perl script


Tech Tips/KB's

KB: Error importing SRM content when attempting to enable Spectrum Report Manager and CABI integration

KB: Spectrum 10.0 Report Manager Error: Max processing time reached

Tech Tip: When are discovery profiles evaluated on the Data Aggregator


Free Script/Utility:

Free script to export the device list from Data Aggregator in a csv file