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PPM Insights: Surviving-to-Thriving, Your CA World 2017 Preview

By Anon Anon posted 10-20-2017 10:02 AM


Hello PPM Practitioners, excitement is building as it is nearly CA World ’17 and I will be your feet on the street blogging  and tweeting throughout the event! If you plan to attend, message me ahead of time with comments or questions and we can meet-up to discuss. But, even if you are not, everyone can follow these posts which will highlight key concepts and happenings. We are in for a leading-edge conference with themes of removing the barriers between your ideas and business outcomes! Luminaries will share fresh perspectives and show the powerful new features of CA PPM and CA Agile Central.


In this blog series, we try to present solutions and real-world insights about what success looks like for you. We discuss strategies and solutions to align project goals with the business outcomes that matter most to your organizations. And, as part of CA World ’17 we will focus on “The expertise you expect. The relationship you’ll appreciate.” As CA Services, we have an all-encompassing yet simple model:


  • Plan. Expert consultants and architects help fast-track your solution to support the business outcomes you require.

  • Implement and Transform. Help configure your CA solutions to drive change, enable faster adoption and empower your organization to take advantage of new capabilities.

  • Manage. Holistic approach lets you focus on what’s important to your business. Application management services go beyond traditional administration, providing ongoing proactive support that helps you continuously innovate and improve.

  • Upgrade and Optimize. Enables you to upgrade to the latest version and optimize your solution. Accelerate time-to-value, reduce risk and improve ROI; and learn how to take advantage of new features and functionality.


This year, CA Services has three sessions during pre-conference education, including a don’t-miss Blueprinting class. If you are not going, check out the education topic list and let me know which ones you’d like to hear about as they happen.  If you are attending, plan ahead to get into your preferred seats; demand is high, and they fill up quickly. Below is a preview of some of the hot topics I recommend, and again, we will keep the dialogue flowing before, during and after, so stay tuned online!


Case Study: Building Boeing's Technology Blueprint for the Next 100 Years.

Boeing is on a two-year journey to transform its $2.4 billion IT department. The project management office focused on strategic alignment of cost reductions and shifting resources to transform the business. The result is funding that’s aligned to company priorities and real-time decision making in an IT organization in step with projects and portfolios. Stay tuned to hear the lessons learned.

Case Study: Driving Behavioral Change Using Portfolio Management.

Telstra utilizes CA PPM to manage multiple project management offices and annual capital budgets. We will find out how Telstra manages the planning cycle with a tiered PMO structure, and hear an overview of desired behaviors and how CA PPM acts as a key driver of change; as well as how to develop roadmaps and track variances to plan.

Customer Panel: Road to a Modern PMO.

This is a CA customer panel discussion on what it means to be a modern PMO; and the real-life successes and failures committed along the way. We will take home tips and tricks on how you can start to modernize.

Case Study: Shrinking Board Reporting from Two Weeks to Two Days.

Ireland’s largest bank, Allied Irish Bank, modernized its project management office with CA PPM and in the process managed to dramatically reduce the time it takes to run reports, simplify project and portfolio standards, and move the change authorization process online. Follow how the bank deployed and operated a complex change portfolio across three geographies with hundreds of projects and 3,000 people involved.

Case Study: Rewriting the PMO Mission Statement with Agile.

Pitney Bowes is rewriting its project management office mission in support of a digital transformation involving CA PPM. The goal is to drive business results, not project results. To do this, they focus on strategic, multi-layered portfolio analysis out of the box, and integrations with multiple, disparate tools across the company - such as CA Agile Central, SAP, Jira, Aha! And Trello - to bring engineering, finance and product management together.

Case Study: Migrating to CA Project & Portfolio Management SaaS with AMS.

Transitioning from an on-premise to an on-demand version of CA PPM means a different set of challenges and opportunities. This presentation will outline suggested best practices for engaging and communicating with the CA Application Management Services partners who support your CA PPM SaaS solution.

CA PPM Roadmap Overview.

Kurt Steinle, VP of CA PPM Product Management, talks about the product roadmap and how it will help you modernize the PMO.


For more, check out the PPM Insights blog series. I encourage you to participate in the best-in-class CA Communities site, where we have access to peers, events and support. You can also reach out to CA Services for individualized business outcome references and analysis. Feel free to post in the comments section of this blog or contact me directly via email and @PPMWarrior.

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10-20-2017 11:46 AM

Thank you for sharing the great plans for PPM at CA World '17 Erich!

PPM Insights: Surviving-to-Thriving, Your CA World 2017 Preview