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PPM Insights Webcast: Top Challenges and Real-World Solutions

By Anon Anon posted 09-17-2018 09:47 AM


Hello PPM Practitioners, I am very excited to share the latest interactive CA Services Webcast in the new PPM Insights series Live panel discussion featuring experts from across the globe, sharing practical insights for leading PPM challenges. Richard Dunmow, Managing Consultant, joins Senior Architects Robert Peacock, Mike Richman, and James Kruger, who share from their extensive experience with organizations of all sizes and maturity levels; from a variety of industries to the public sector. Topics include adoption, agile (or not), what to do (or not do – ever!), planning, PPM evolution, and more.


Link to: [REPLAY] Top Challenges and Real-world Solutions – September 13, 2018


My highlights include:


  • This has been the case for many years: "More and More with Less and Less," and that has given way to the "Accelerated Pace" model. We are seeing increased need for PPM to enable people to collaborate more, be flexible and show the basic data like: what people are working on, where that fits within organizational priorities, and how to work in an agile way / scenarios.
  • Note: check out the CA PPM 15.5 release blogs, which focus on team based planning, agility and connecting the portfolio level ecosystem to the delivery of work. And, throughout the life of our implementations, "Taking the Work Out of Work" is paramount.


  • Every organization is doing top-down planning in some way. Whether they are connecting the top level strategy to the low level approach is the question. 
  • Reaction within groups tend to be a bottom-up response, verses taking the time to strategically build a roadmap. These concepts are not difficult, but connecting the dots towards "what-iffing" can be. If we are to much in the fire fighting mode, we will miss opportunities for efficiency and effectiveness with our investment delivery. Organizations must take a step up to leverage fast and simple ways to match their objectives to the details underneath.


  • In addition to the CA Services Modern PMO approach, which focuses on processes (Management Operating Systems and Contextualized PPM Ecosystem Rhythms), and change management (Organizational Readiness Approach for PPM, not just and PPM), true executive sponsorship is key.
  • To achieve data as to fortify the who/what/where/when/why measurement of adoption, organizations must define unique organizational KPIs, then track them. This can start very simply, often with existing and historical information. From there, maturity towards insight and foresight may occur. Another way to state this is: "Good Metrics are a Measurement of Movement Towards Business Goals."


  • Many organizations align programs and projects to goals at the beginning of their fiscal periods, but do not always track the breakdown of investment as they are worked. It is imperative to take the next step of re-evaluating on a consistent basis the priority and cost. Alignment can quickly slip and organizations should use the insights from PPM as bumpers to help guide towards the correct path throughout the year - confirm continuous work on the right projects at the right times.
  • Benefit realization has moved from a 5 year cycle to a 1 and 2 year. We have all seen this, and benefit tracking can be difficult to achieve, but there are simple options like: service desk tickets, and time to market trends that can start us down our journey. There is existing data that organizations can start to analyse. Ultimately though, unless we can identify and quantify benefits in a system, we cannot justify ROI.


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