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Automic Release Automation 12.2.0 Released

By LuuLe posted 06-29-2018 04:07 PM


As of June 29, 2018 Automic Release Automation 12.2 has been released and is available for download.  In additional going forward Automic Release Automation will be known as CA Continuous Delivery Automation


CA Continuous Delivery Automation 12.2 - File are available for download here

Refer to our Compatibility Checker & Release notes for minimal version requirement and changes.

Please note, you will need to sign into the download center to be able to download the file.


Below is the Release Highlight from the CA Continuous Delivery Automation v12.2 Manual

Release Highlight from v12.2 Manual

View our short introductory video on what's new:

CA Continuous Delivery Automation

  • ARA has been renamed! Automic Release Automation is now called CA Continuous Delivery Automation (CA CDA). The new product name reflects the successful integration of Automic into CA Technologies.
  • You can now store your CA CDA data in a PostgreSQL database system. See the Installing CA CDA (ARA) & Upgrade Installation sections.
  • New versioning and "as code" capabilities: The new REST API features and JSON schemas allow you to work with CA CDA entities "as code" to create, update and transfer entities between multiple clients. To do so, you can update the serialized content of CA CDA in the IDE of your choice together with your GIT repository. These features are fully integrated into your Software Development Life Cycle. See: Working with CA CDA Entities as Code
  • To facilitate the staging of Applications directly from the AWI, we have added the concept of Application Packs. You can create Application Packs to export/import Applications and their related entities via Plug-in Manager/Package Manager.
  • The newly added artifact model capabilities will allow you to manage Applications at a granular level. The extended reporting capabilities provided with this feature also improve auditability. See: Working with Artifacts
  • Save time and effort by using the new auto-discovery feature. This function identifies and imports the custom properties of a specific Deployment Target type into a new Deployment Target definition. Working with Deployment Targets
  • Objects, Actions and Components can be shared among different Applications to speed up development, improve consistency and implement deployment best practices: Action Best Practices
  • The Global and Advanced Search functions have been enhanced: Searching Functions
  • The new Deployment Profile Status widget provides you with an overview of the Profile status of a defined group of Applications in order to quickly identify the entities which might lead to deployment problems: Deployment Profile Status Widget
  • The Deployment Pipeline widget has a new look and feel. Check it out here: Deployment Pipeline Widget
  • The DB clean-up utility has been enhanced in various ways. See the changes here: Working with the Clean-up Utility.
  • Check out the extended features for customizing your system in the customer.config file section (for example the Workflow Execution dialog): Configuring the Web Application - Customer.Config
  • General and Application Workflows, Components and Deployment Packages can be now duplicated.
  • Monitoring and Diagnostics: combined data from different event types can be used to analyze how your CA CDA system is performing and fix possible issues and bottlenecks.
  • The agent credentials defined in Login objects can be now stored in external password vaults.
  • The user documentation has been completely restructured and simplified:
    • The number of topics has been reduced by 70%.
    • All the information you need to work with an entity can be found on the same page.
    • The documentation topics are now role-based. You can always find information about the target reader at the top of each page.
  • As of v12.2, the CA CDA documentation includes the CA CDD, Jenkins and JIRA plugins as well as the documentation of the 5 most commonly used Action Packs.

Analytics and Reporting on External Data

  • Analytics & Reporting on AWA/ARA Data introduced with version 12 as part of platform.

    • Analytics & Reporting is now able to include data from external sources.
    • Reuse existing platform capabilities for data integration (VARA.SQL, VARA.SQLI, VARA.EXECUTE,…)
    • Visualize metrics from automated systems or from business processes.
    • Can be used in package solutions like: Temenos /Disaster recovery / ...

Event Engine

  • Enables the Automation Engine to respond to more sophisticated event triggers.
    • Reduces overhead of manually scripting and system overhead of processing IF-THEN-LOGIC.
    • Allows you to process rules against any Automic object. Not limited to tasks and Workflows.
    • Exposes as much event processing as required vs full complex event processing.
    • Supports up to 50,000 events per second.
    • Enables use of intelligent automation.

DCS (Data Service Collection)

  • Data Collection Service (DCS) is a feature where CA Automic One Automation Platform collects data on its internal mechanisms and its IT environment. The data can be automatically sent to Automic. You can also access the data and use it for internal purposes.
  • By sharing data with Automic, you help Automic build knowledge from customer environments and work on enhancements on products and services. The data sharing mechanism is secure and auditable.
  • Internally, data can be exported from CA Automic One Automation Platform and sent to a third-party reporting application for example.
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10-29-2018 11:20 AM

Hi aatifnaeem 


The Automic Download Center is the centralized location where it is available.  From your particular screenshot, as the message state "Please contact your account manager".  It indicated that the login you are using (or your company) is not licensed/permission set to download this particular product.  


I would recommend contacting Customer Care (via a post in the linked section or reaching out via phone) or to your account manager as they will be able to help give your account (or company account) access to download the CA Continuous Delivery Automation (formerly Automic Release Automation) if you are licensed for it.



10-29-2018 08:08 AM


When I visit the download page, It doesn't show the direct link. Can I have an alternate link please

Appreciate your help