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What You May Have Missed in the CA Plex 2E Community (May)

By Chris_Stallone posted 06-01-2015 11:52 AM



CA World ’15 Registration is Open!

Not only is registration open, but as a community member, you’re eligible for a special discounted rate of $1,295 from now through September 18, 2015. That’s a $700 discount off of the regular $1,995 price.


But that’s not all! This year we’re offering a new Buy One, Get One promotion. Register before September 18 and you will receive a complimentary registration pass for a colleague. Some exclusions apply.


Get more details here (let this link text convert to the blog title) and make sure you’re following the CA World '15 Community for updates!

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CA 2E Office Hours: A Live Online Chat [June 2015]

CA Plex Office Hours: A Live Online Chat [July 2015]

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Open Questions:

I would like to get list of all WINC functions which has a string(ex: ROUND). How can i get list of all functions which holds particular string. We have a commans to get all functions in Iseries. Do we have any feature like that. Or is it possible to get

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Do the conference is comprise by the recent weather issue in Texas

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