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PPM Insights: What’s the Cure for Mind-Numbing Repetition?

By proph01 posted 02-22-2018 11:57 AM


There are only so many hours in a day, and few people understand that better than project managers. Likewise, few project managers would choose to spend the few precious hours they have in mind-numbingly repetitive tasks like manually creating and updating projects. Knowing when, and how, to automate can make the difference between hours spent on project execution that can transform your organization and, well, just hours spent.


There is a fast and easy way to automate project creation and project updates in CA PPMthe Project Adapter. Among other things, this packaged work product (PWP) imports projects from ERP systems into CA PPM and continuously updates the project list.  


These are the most common questions I am asked about the CA PPM Project Adapter:

Is it compatible with and supported in SaaS environments?


Yes, it is. In fact, all PWP global delivery components are both on-premise and SaaS-compatible and supported.


In a nutshell, what does the Project Adapter automate? 

  1. Creation and updates of projects and project hierarchies
  2. Creation and updates of project team allocations 
  3. Creation and updates of project tasks


What does the CA PPM Project Adapter do, and what are the benefits?

The project adapter automatically creates new projects and updates existing projects with changes. Because it automates creation and updates of projects and project hierarchies, team allocations, and project tasks, project managers can focus on project execution immediatelyso your projects can succeed more quickly. The tool makes it easier to prepare plans as management teams agree on and confirm projects for a new fiscal year. You can also use the tool to convert project ideas into a project investment workflow.


How user-friendly is it?

It’s very user friendly. Automation reduces the number of technical glitches compared to manual processes, so you have fewer technical challenges.


Can I download it from

No, but you can get it quickly by contacting your CA sales representative or account manager for a quote.

See all CA PPM PWPs here. Readers interested in more detail can check out DocOps.


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Very Insightful and helpful. Thanks for this good explanation Philip. Automation improves productivity. Especially for mundane tasks