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CA API Management Community: What You May Have Missed [MAY 2016]

By kristen.palazzolo posted 06-02-2016 02:49 PM


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News, Blogs & Announcements

Community Member Spotlight: Samuel Liebermann

Load Average high, but CPU utilization is low.... ?

What is

Now Available - CA Live API Creator r2.x: Foundations 200

What Opening an Airplane Exit Door In-Flight Taught Me About Design


Support Documentation & Tech Tips

Chat Transcript: Office Hours for CA API Management [MAY 2016]

CA API Gateway - Cluster merge

How to Access and Download API Management Products using CA Support Online


Questions Asked

Answered Questions*

Unable to cache using caching assertions

API Developer Portal integration for gateway cluster

How to associate documentation to APIs on Developer Portal?

while installing the ca api gateway iam facing issue like gateway ip address connection is error, to resolve that which ip address we have to give?

API Portal integration with LDAP

Path resolution SOAP

Can we configure two jdbc connection urls for a single connection to internal databases?

What are the capabilities of odata Policy?

Install Portal 3.5 with Gateway 9.1 · Software

Install the Mobile API Gateway · Software

Uninstall CA API Management OAuth Toolkit - 3.4

Apple Push Notification · MAG 3.1 · Software

WHile we try to start the gateway node, the node is not getting started and we see the error in the ssg logs.

Ping URL for API Developer Portal

How to decrypt the response message when calling a web service from API GW

Integration of Layer 7 (OAuth2 Provider) with SiteMinder (OAuth2 Client)

No changes after upgrade (8.2 to 9.0.)

Scheduled Tasks in Audit Log

HL7 Transformations

Need help to implement OAUth2.0 in PolicyManager Ver9.0

SaaS Portal APIs

How to configure a user for backup ?

Open Questions

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Generating Google Protocol Buffer messages

Native MQ Properties

Add a binary attachment to a message


Internal Identity Provider accounts are not accessible

Apache HTTPD Configuration · Portal 3.5 · Software

Updating cluster-wide properties without creating templates

cassandra - what works and what does not (yet)

APIG Interactive documentation with WADL


New Ideas

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LDAP connection test for Gateway Configuration Menu

Indicate usage of Context Variables in new help

self defined global variables which can be used in the portal content

Change the OTK port to be configurable

Open SSL Version of SSG 8.1.02

apply throughput quota - select counter read&write location; cassandra support

Add request/response size (min/max/avg) to service metrics and Policy Manager

Select a variable as private key (instead of the actual private key) on a routing or signing assertion

More than one debug policy.

Store to Cache needs to log if message attempting to be stored is over the limit of the assertion

Debug - Add breakpoint from the policy management view

Log errors in ssg_0_0.log if a custom assertion is misconfigured

It's good, if we have test option in service.

Delete confirmation for cluster wide properties

Building a multipart MIME message with a binary attachment.

Export Diagram Images using current API

Ping URL for API Developer Portal

Version Compatibility Layer 7 Policy Manager

Provide the ability to sign Custom Assertions so they can be loaded through the Policy Manager

Refresh cache after each import, to avoid orphan containers

Agent Group on Check Protected Resource Against CA Single Sign-On assertion

Allow for Custom Nonce value in "Add Security Token" assertion

Implement and support for CA API Management on IBM z13 mainframe

Allow AMI Appliance CloudWatch

RESTMAN - Log Sink configuration

Enhancement request: Allow to change user organization on the developer portal

Enhancement Request: Migration of SiteMinder Policies

Syslog Timestamp Format



Welcome to the Innovation Exchange

Monitoring the Gateway using SNMP

"Advanced" Tutorial #1 - Registering, Following, Posting

Community Broadcast News Episode 1: New Content Formats Are Coming


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