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CA API Management Community: What You May Have Missed [JULY 2016]

By kristen.palazzolo posted 08-09-2016 10:00 AM


News & Announcements

API Management: Summer Lunch & Learn Series

General Availability Announcement for CA Mobile App Services 1.2

General Availability Announcement for CA Mobile API Gateway 3.2

Register for CA World '16 | November 14 – 18, 2016

Community Hack: Setting Your Time Zone

Image Pages Have Arrived

New API Management Training Courses


Tech Tips & Support Docs

Tech Tip - Knowledge Documents (June)

API Security - Key Considerations for Securing APIs Both Internally & Externally - July 14th 2016.pdf

Chat Transcript: Office Hours for CA API Management [JULY 2016]

SLIDES: The Role of an API Gateway in a Microservices Architecture



API Security - Key Considerations for Securing APIs Both Internally & Externally

API360 Microservices Summit – Welcome & Intro – Matt McLarty

API360 Microservices Summit: Microservices in Harmony – Ronnie Mitra

API360 Microservices Summit – Microservices & the Web – Erik Wilde

API360 Microservices Summit: Fostering Innovation –Mike Amundsen

Accelerating Mobile App Development

The Role of an API Gateway in a Microservices Architecture


Answered Questions

Route via http: request body not sent when using context variable for http method

Is it possible to enforce routing and template usage ?

Generate report for asked details

CA API Gateway - Full logs - Error exceptions org.jgroups.protocols.UDP: failed sending message to null

How to add support for multiple Identity Providers for Oauth?

Is there a means for cluster wide caching

how to present one cert chain to the world - ok folks my tiny brain is having trouble with multiple data centers and hardware appliance

FIDO UAF protocol supported?

When are iptables rewritten in CA API Gateway?

Can we use SWAGGER with CA LAYER7

Removing trailing spaces

API Explorer error

JDBC over SSL?

GatewayMigrationUtility - Unable to decrypt password: bad mac value

LAYER7 - Is it possible to automate the deployment of policies via a 3rd party tool

Does it make sense to expose an existing web service again using API (Gateway)?

Proxy for API Portal

CA Layer 7 tool is working slow

Can we use APIGW database for storing external application data

Empty request.http.uri

response.mainpart is null

How to avoid providing credentials in Assertions everytime

Send response with Return template to requester !

Extract JSON Keys and Values

Basic Documentation or links to implement some security and transformation assertions.

SMSESSION to LTPA conversion

Difference between users

Polling a Webservice


Open Questions

Click on a thread below and help 'em out!

SSG gateway unable to start after upgrade to 9.1

Streaming large files through API Gateway

How to handle html and images in an xml body

SAML SSO with Active Directory

whats the change of getting the 9.1  swagger  wizard backported to 9.0 ? or a toolkit to do so ?

How to integrate SWAGGER on Layer7

CA API Management SaaS - Password Policies

How to resolve ERROR state during APIGW 9.1 platform upgrade?

How CORS headers will be sent to the Gateway

Transactions count

Unable to capture DB errors

How to align ids for easier migration using GMU

[Fatal Error] loose.dtd:31:3: The declaration for the entity "HTML.Version" must end with '>'

FTP of large files

cors issue with API Gateway 9.1

SAAS Oauth not working

Edit CA Ldap attributes from CA API Gateway

Maintain Client-Certificate Whitelistings externally

Encryption of OAuth's data


New Ideas

Remove extra spaces from API explorer curl sample command

Add support for multiple Identity Providers for Oauth

Add JBoss to supported JMS Destinations

Enhance of API Portal Report function

Multi-tier approval workflow

Manage listen ports feature on software gateways

Purge action for the installed patch files

Integrate "Let's Encrypt" for quickly generating valid & trusted SSL/TLS Certificates


Upcoming Events

     Self-Service Support Webcast: Featuring KB Articles [Aug. 9th]

Connecting and Securing your IoT devices [AUG 11]

Deployment Considerations for an Enterprise Scale API Management Solution [AUG 18]


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