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CA Agile Central at Agile 2017 - Day 2

By Caitlin Lam posted 08-08-2017 09:29 PM


The CA Agile Central team made the most of day 2 of Agile 2017 by hosting many well-attended sessions, engaging in great discussions with customers and even ending the day with an "Agile on the Rocks" networking session at the Sugar Factory Orlando.


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CA Agile Central team members: Laureen Knudsen, Marla Schimke and Elizabeth Schultheisz excited for Day 2 of the Agile 2017 conference.

Deema Dajani (Agile Enterprise Consultant, CA) in front of a full audience presenting her session on building a Lean Agile Center of Excellence (LACE) and how to make agile transformations sustainable by budgeting for LACE.


"When building and evolving an agile transformation, use the same tools as your software teams for backlog and roadmaps" -Deema Dajani


Steve Wolfe (Enterprise Agility Director, CA) and Yuval Yeret (Agile Coach, Agile Sparks) presenting a session on how CA Technologies created customer focused collaboration by forming cross-functional feature teams across marketing silos.


"We decided the Marketing Value Stream *is* the customer journey." -Steve Wolfe


Heather Spring (Product Marketing Manager) and Deema Dajani (Agile Enterprise Consultant) recording an episode of AgilityCast, for Business.


CA hosted an "Agile on the Rocks" networking event at the Sugar Factory Orlando, complete with a DJ and photo booth.


Some great ideas written on our idea board:

"Create separate product backlog and sprint backlog"

"If you have to say you're in charge, you're not."

"Enterprise COE should be cross-functional/organizational"

"Celebrate failures!"

"Be an accountability leader... help unfold others' potential"

"Bitcoin & ethereum app development -- change the world without permission!"


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