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What You May Have Missed: CA Plex CA 2E Community 10/14

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CA World '14:

The CA World '14 agenda builder is now available: CA World '14 Agenda Builder

You must be registered to begin building your agenda and remember, if you're a community member you get a $200 discount off of the registration fee, which can be combined with the $200 early-bird discount. Early bird registration ends on September 19.

Don't forget to follow the CA World '14 community to get all of the latest updates and news about CA World '14!

Tuesday Tips:

CA Tuesday Tip: CA Remote Engineer Now Available for CA Plex



Upgrade to Visual Studio 2012 (or later if available)

RPGIV - Built in Functions for String Manipulation: %TRIM, %TRIML, %TRIMR

7795 - Consume a web service

Plex - web support

2E Replace *ENTRY PLIST with PI/PR

Plex version for non-commercial use

64bit version of CA Plex



Top Discussions:

Plex 7.1 Debug C#

Help with Plex UI behaviour



.Net Blob Support?

On Your Mark, Get Set. Go!:

Are you new to the CA Chorus Community, or maybe just haven't posted here in a while? Here's your opportunity to get into the game -- the CACommunities Decathlon. And, you could win a prize for doing it. On Your Mark. Get Set. Go!: --The CA Communities Decathlon

Go Mobile:

Don't have time to log on to the CA Communities on your computer? Go Mobile on your iPhone, or Android device. Quickly browse and check in on the Workload Automation community. Don't just  consume, create.


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