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Four New Year’s Resolutions for CA Release Automation Users

By johpa12 posted 12-14-2016 02:04 PM


With the New Year approaching, we all start thinking about our resolutions—those promises to yourself to start doing something good or to improve in some way. You might pledge to give back to society through supporting local or global charitable causes. You might vow to lose weight or get in better shape (who doesn’t??). And many people will state, unequivocally, that they want to find a better work-life balance.


Did you know that CA Release Automation can help? Add these four things to your New Year’s Resolutions:


I resolve to stop living in the past: Upgrade to the current version of CA Release Automation to get the latest feature and performance enhancements. Happiness quotient goes up!

  • The newly launched Upgrade Center is a great resource for helping you move from whatever older version you are on to the latest version of RA. Version 6.3 was just released!


 I resolve to work more efficiently: Start using CA Release Automation ‘Shared Components’ (the gift that really keeps on giving!).

  • Shared Components are those reusable, standard deployment workflows that can be shared across many apps and environments, reducing deployment work and errors. You can start with this great ‘how to’ training in the community and then view GM Financial’s CA World slides to see how they are using shared components in their complex environment to deploy more than 1000 apps per month.


 I resolve to simplify my life: Move away from spreadsheets and manual management of releases by trying CA Release Automation Continuous Delivery Edition, the single control point for your continuous delivery pipeline.


 I resolve to give back: In this context, that means give your feedback as a user of CA Release Automation.

  • Product feedback is a valuable gift to help companies improve their products and services for you! You can access the RA customer survey here (it should take only a few minutes to complete). You can also provide a product review for the broader community of your peers at IT Central Station, the Yelp of the IT world.


As for your self-improvement resolutions…CA Release Automation can help you by freeing up some cycles to get exercise and to spend time with family and friends. And in terms of real charitable causes, I recommend supporting a STEM program to engage the next, next generation of CA Release Automation developers and other innovators who will transform our world.


Wishing everyone a wonderful Holiday and New Year from the CA Release Automation team!