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The Power of the CA Knowledge Base – By Chris Stallone

By sue.macaluso posted 08-08-2016 09:33 AM


Interested in learning more about CA Standard Maintenance and some additional support channels available to you so you can wield ultimate power during your interaction with CA Support? Join our 30 minute webcast Self-Service Support Webcast: Featuring KB Articles provided by the CA Communities on August 9th to fully harness the power of the CA Knowledge base.


Here are some of the folks who will be guiding you through your journey for knowledge:




Rachel Macik - Sr. Principal Product Marketing Manager

Will introduce you to CA Standard Maintenance and the various support channels that are available for you.


Christie Morin - Program Director

Will discuss the anatomy of the knowledge base. Learn how articles are written and designed - covering how titles are written and used for search. Leave valuable input to help guide future articles and much more.


Mike Haering - Advisor, Support Engineer

Browsing and searching for knowledge. Where does knowledge live? Mike covers best practices you can utilize to best find knowledge.


Chris Stallone – Community Manager

How knowledge documentation is syndicated on the communities, and how different communities post. Using search, filters, and tags to find knowledge.


As a bonus, we will also cover future upgrades, redesigns, and how you can leave feedback on your support experiences. All of this covered in one 30 minute session occurring on August 9th. Be sure to register for the event today in the Water Cooler Community.  A recording of this session will also be posted in the community.