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What You May Have Missed in the CA Plex 2E Community (July)

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CA World ’15 Registration is Open!

Not only is registration open, but as a community member, you’re eligible for a special discounted rate of $1,295 from now through September 18, 2015. That’s a $700 discount off of the regular $1,995 price.



But that’s not all! This year we’re offering a new Buy One, Get One promotion. Register before September 18 and you will receive a complimentary registration pass for a colleague. Some exclusions apply.


Get more details here make sure you’re following the CA World '15 Community for updates!

Upcoming Events:

Open Questions:

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SQLBlockFetch & SQL Literals

FLDCSRPRG ( ) issue on Edit Record with Tab Sequencing



Fix Bottom/Fix Left/Fix Right Should be Control State Sensitive

Support for SQL Column/table names longer than 32 characters

Make the logging options Consistent between run time environments

Go Mobile:

Don't have time to log on to the CA Communities on your computer? Go Mobile on your iPhone, or Android device. Quickly browse and check in on the Workload Automation community. Don't just  consume, create.


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