Agile Requirements Designer

Model-based API Testing - Webinar

By Ruth Kusterer posted 04-26-2019 05:21 AM


Join MBT expert Ben Johnson Ward as he dives into a fully integrated end-to-end API testing framework/pipeline to rapidly test a live webservice. Using a powerful MBT test generation solution, he will show how to generate executable REST-assured API tests with enriched reporting, as well as manage requirements changes in the application and their impact on testing.

You'll learn:

  • Automate test design/creation with Model-based Testing tool Agile Requirements Designer (ARD)
  • Creating REST-assured API tests utilizing ARD and executing with Java
  • How to quickly generate tests for any scenario or coverage goal
  • How to react efficiently to changing requirements to keep our automated testing in-sprint
  • How to generate enriched test result reports
  • The presentation is followed by a Q&A session.

Watch the recording now at !

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