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What you may have missed (September 14 - September 20)

By Anon Anon posted 09-21-2015 04:55 PM


Hello IM Community - thanks for reading this edition of 'What you may have missed' blog series:


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UIM Monthly Product Release Updates (Rollup File)

tech tips - A basic guide for configuring snmpcollector

Free script to export list of discovery profiles and their ip address into a csv file.

CA Visual Infrastructure - How to rotate and flip rack-mounted assets

tech tip : Possible solution for database save failure with error of 'ORA-19504'

Tech Tip: NV - Queries to get list of devices.



NEW IDEAS (please cast your vote!)

Discovery server manual/forced correlation

UMP Missing Metrics

Robot ID Should Reset on Controller Startup

controller Should Clean Up Niscache

zLinux - additional probe support


CA Performance Management

Additional Browser view addition.

Have Only One Device show SNMP and CAMM data


CA Unified Infrastructure Management (UIM)

Oracle probe should assign metrics and alarms correctly without using the tnsnames.ora

enhancement request spooler alarm clear

Enhancement - Topology Agent and Relationship View

Allow origin to be overridden for an end device to support mutlitenancy

Probe cluster - Decide wich ressources groups are monitored or not

option requested to omit devices with no data in UIM list view

Filter alarms based on regular expressions in USM Alarm View.

To Display the trap variable name together with the variable value

snmpcollector IPSLA graphs need to show the labels for source and destination graphs in addition to IP Addresses

snmpcollector profiles to handle "_" underscores in the device names

Distribution Reports such as Top-N, AAG or Trend via e-mail by scheduler in pdf

Add message ID and Timestamp to email_response alerts

Data engine GUI Qos maintenance

Solidfire Storage

Fetch inventory details of all PKI certificates in windows/unix servers


CA Spectrum

Spectrum x Nimsoft - Servers Integration

MAC and VLAN information on Device Interface

Spectrum certification for Arista 7500 series switches

GIS Enhancements


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