Brocade New IP Technologies for Lightning Fast Big Data Deployments Leveraged in EMC Federation Business Data Lake Solution

By Anon Anon posted 03-23-2015 05:55 AM


Businesses have come to recognize that the combination of big data technologies, new data sources and evolving analytic approaches present an opportunity to drive competitive advantage and accelerate innovation. But many are struggling with where to start to begin taking advantage of the business value that these new technologies promise.


Today’s launch of EMC’s Federation Business Data Lake (FBDL) changes that. With the FBDL, IT can quickly and easily clear the path for more timely and informed business decisions. The solution provides a fully engineered, enterprise-grade data lake tuned to the strategic priorities of a business that can help to quickly realize the value of big data analytics.


As a long standing EMC partner, Brocade delivers innovative networking technology that offers the performance, resiliency and automation that next-generation data centers require. With today’s launch of FBDL, Brocade is proud to provide New IP technology within the EMC solution to transform how enterprises will leverage big data and storage to deliver new business insights and create disruptive differentiation.


The EMC Connectrix VDX-6740B IP storage switch, based on Brocade VCS fabric technology, plays a key role in allowing FBDL big data solutions to be deployed in record time. Enterprises using the FBDL with the new EMC Connectrix offering will be able to deploy a complete big data solution in just seven days.


Unlike traditional routers or switches, which require deep configuration expertise, the Connectrix VDX-6740B is designed with the storage administrator in mind and operates as a simple, plug-and-play, flat fabric for server-to-storage interconnect. Storage administrators can deploy automated IP storage fabrics with predictable performance and optimized storage throughput. Built-in automation enables both the ease-of-deployment and the ability to quickly scale-out the fabric to accommodate growth.


The Connectrix VDX-6740B builds on Brocade’s 20 years of innovation in fabric technology and delivers an automated fabric that is simple to deploy while accommodating the range of storage protocols required for the FBDL. It supports the internetworking of all the server and storage nodes and provides robust storage networking for block, file, and object storage using Fibre Channel, FCoE or IP storage protocols.


Brocade will continue working with EMC to integrate New IP technologies into the FBDL and looks forward to additional announcements around EMC World in early May.


Listen to a replay of the EMC Business Data Lake Virtual Launch.