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Agile Central at CA World '17 Recap: Day 1 - Wednesday (2 of 3)

By Caitlin Lam posted 11-20-2017 04:58 PM


Opening Keynote

(Photo Credit: Rusty Lloyd)

(Photo Credit: Deven Shah)

The official "Day 1" of CA World began with a highly anticipated keynote in the events center, featuring our CEO, Mike Gregoire, and Jimmy Chin, who is a Professional Mountaineer, Skier and Filmmaker. They had a compelling discussion about creativity and execution, and how these themes apply in both the professional sport of climbing, and technology. Watch Mike Gregoire's Keynote (Replay)

“Synergies happen when you have a great level of trust”

"Excellence and success in climbing don’t come by chance. They’re founded in attention to detail, process, and grinding it out. Not heroics."



Exhibition Center Highlights

(Photo Credit: Jim Tisch)

Surya Panditi (General Manager, Agile Management) kicked off the first session in the Agile Management area with a fully attended keynote on the topic of how CA Agile Management solutions and agile software help drive business agility, business value and outcomes. View Presentation (PDF)

"By 2020, 40% of organizations will embrace a product portfolio paradigm to manage technology investments."

"With CA Agile Central, DigitalGlobe reduced time spent on maintenance by almost 40% accelerating project delivery times."


Co-authors of "The AGILE Almanac Book 2: Programs with Multi and Virtual-Team Environments" pictured at their book signing and giveaway.


Pictured from left to right: John Stenbeck (President, GR8PM Inc.), Nichole Tubiolo (Project Manager, Willis Towers Watson), Rick A. Morris (President, R2 Consulting), Michael Williams (Senior Executive Consultant, R2 Consulting).


John Stenbeck and Rick Morris, co-authors of the "The AGILE Almanac Book 2" pictured at their high energy tech talk where they shared career-boosting hacks, and even gave away copies of "The Agile Almanac Book 1" to some lucky audience members.


Dr. Sumeet Malhotra (Partner, TCS) exposed common cost overheads during agile projects, and offered a number of recommendations to save on these costs. Thank you to Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) for being a Platinum Sponsor at CA World!


Bryan Nelson (T-Mobile) spoke about the components of T-Mobile's Agile Journey, including their first Big Room Planning, and using the CA Agile Central portfolio. View Presentation (PDF)

“CA Agile Central release tracking provides a powerful view into progress and programs”

Who is helping you in your agile journey? “The Agile Success Program has been a huge help for us”


Michael Alexander (GE Transportation) shared GE Transportation's story on becoming a digital industrial company, by using the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) and approaching their transformation efforts from all angles-- across people, process and tools. View Presentation (PDF)

“We had to create the next evolution of this company. We had to become digital”

“We are in a technological renaissance... changes are more easily accepted on a smaller incremented basis.”

(On executive sponsorship in an agile transformation) “Find your channels...and persist with enthusiasm."

An agile, or digital transformation “is very much a cultural change that will change the very fabric of your business.”


Last year, the AgilityZone tech talk "Agile 101: Day in the Life of an Agile Team" had such a terrific turnout that we brought it back this year. Shay Boudreaux (Principal Product Manager) and Doug Diehnelt (Director, Software Engineering) shared what it feels like to be part of a high-performing Agile team, including ceremonies, activities, tools and the very culture that powers teams practicing Agile.


(Photo Credit: Christine Hudson)

Shannon Mason (VP, Product Management) and Ronica Roth (Lead, Agility Services Practice Dev) presented on the topic of "The Neuroscience of Program Planning and Execution" in the AgilityZone. Shannon and Ronica emphasized the mindset that organizations are successful because of the very people that power them. They also shared best practices on how to facilitate leadership that fosters co-creation, decision making and commitment.



Other Great Tech Talks & Sessions

The Agile Management area (including the AgilityZone) was full of fantastic tech talks and theater sessions led by customers, partners and our very own CA Technologies' employees. Below are additional topics that were featured at CA World. Once available, links to select presentations and session recordings will be shared below.


  • Case Study: Creating a SAFe Application and Analytics Ecosystem around CA Agile Central by Nick Thorpe (Intel) View Presentation (PDF)
  • The Business Agility Imperative by Evan Leybourn (Business Agility Insitute) View Presentation (PDF)
  • Radical Transparency: Key Best Practices and Technology Opportunities to Support Your Planning Delivery Ecosystem by Margo Visitacion (Forrester Research)
  • Case Study: Managing Complex Hardware & Software Matrices in the Embedded World by Ricardo Pianta (Datacom)
  • Case Study: How CA Agile Central Supports a Scaled Agile Transformation in an International Financial Institution by Frederic Hoffmann (International Financial Institution)
  • Agile 101: Day in the Life of an Agile Team by Shay Boudreaux and Doug Diehnelt (CA Technologies)
  • First You Get Predictable, Then You Get Fast by Dan Green and Heather Kanser (CA Technologies)
  • Assemble the Team to Lead Agile Transformation by Ronica Roth and Christen McLemore (CA Technologies)
  • Our Product Management Playbook by Scott Nusz and Val Zolyak (CA Technologies)



Demo Stations & Smart Bar

From exhibition floor opening to closing, our product team was hard at work, constantly engaging with attendees and providing them with live demos of CA Agile Central. Our demo pods particularly focused on the themes of Modern Quality Management, Dependency Management and Cross-Enterprise Business Views.


Our Agile Central Smart Bar was also buzzing with interest, as attendees stopped by to ask our Principal Agile Consultants questions and to receive live support and assistance. 


Extending a tremendous thanks to our demo staff: Matt Gorbsky, Dan Green, Val Zolyak, Doug Diehnelt, Ryan Scott, Shay Boudreaux and Scott Nusz, and also to our smart bar staff: Rusty Lloyd, Thom Gray, Suzanna Ahmed, and Thomas Lukareski for providing highly specialized and valuable support for our customers and attendees!



Bringing Session Notes to Life 

(Photo Credit: @CAPPM)

The Agile Management content area hired artist and visual strategist, Axelle Vanquaillie from Visual Harvesting (pictured, left) to create infographic posters of some of the Agile Central and PPM sessions and tech talks. Axelle did an incredible job at capturing the session's facts and key takeaways, and transforming notes into visually engaging, infographic-style posters that attendees can enjoy for years to come.


Below are the finished infographic posters for a couple of our sessions:

Infographic Credit: Axelle Vanquaillie (Visual Harvesting)


What Inspires You?

We had an Inspiration Wall stationed at the AgilityZone where attendees wrote down what inspires them in their day-to-day working life, and path to agility. Here are just a few of the great responses that we received:

"Being more responsive to business partner needs"

"Collaboration, and co-location of team."

"Empowering people to make good decisions"

"Watching Big Room Planning happen."

"Servant management and leadership."


Thanks for reading Day 1 of the CA World '17 recap! Check out the recap blog posts for the Pre-Conference days, and Day 2 for even more pictures, key learnings and soundbites, and event highlights.


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