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Resource Administration Made Simpler

By proph01 posted 05-04-2018 03:37 PM


If you spend a lot of valuable time manually creating and updating ten or more resources in Excel spreadsheets, youre probably wondering if there isnt a better way to spend your time. After all, you could use that time to get other action items checked off your list.


And with the manual process, I bet you have another nagging worry: Do my updated spreadsheets actually reflect my resources accuratelyhow do I know that the spreadsheets capture all organizational changes?

The simple answer is, you dont.


Whats a resource administrator to do? The simple answer is, the CA PPM Resource Adapter PWP (packaged work product) automates user provisioning and resource capacity maintenance, saving time and money. And it can also save your sanity: The automated bulk upload of user and resource data from an HR system such as SAP, PeopleSoft or WorkDay helps to keep resource data in CA PPM in sync with whatever HR system your organization uses.


Its really as simple as that. Deploy the CA PPM Resource Adaptor PWP today! But before you do, I will answer what are likely to be your top three questions:


Is it compatible with and supported in SaaS environments?

Yes, it is. In fact, all PWP global delivery components are SaaS compatible and supported.


How user friendly is it?

A simple install and activation of the rules by a system admin is all that’s needed. Team members submit time the same way they always have.


Can I download it from

No, but you can get it quickly by contacting your CA sales representative or account manager for a quote.


Readers interested in more detail can check out DocOps. I encourage you to participate in the best-in-class CA Communities site, where you have access to your peers, events and support. You can also reach out to CA Services for information about CA PPM release 15.4 upgrades/implementations and individualized business outcome references and analysis.


What kinds of worries have manual resource spreadsheets given you? Feel free to post in the comments section of this blog.


What kinds of worries have manual resource spreadsheets given you? Join the conversation by posting in the comments section of this blog, or contact me directly via email.