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2016 Resolution #1 - I will remove constraints from my App development and Testing.

By Alan_Baptista_DevOps-SV posted 12-21-2015 01:47 PM


The New Year is almost here, so let’s begin this list of 16 New Years Resolutions for 2016 with this Holydoozy… “I Will Remove Constraints from My Application Development and Testing Process”.


Truth is, a DevOps Transformation doesn’t happen in organizations unless they enable their Developers and Testers to build applications without waiting for others. Constraints to the application development cycle like waiting for others code, unavailable systems, high-cost 3rd-party services and inaccurate test environments can completely slow down and add high defect costs to your projects.


Now with CA Service Virtualization on Demand, on the Microsoft Azure Marketplace, you can get the power of CA SV when and where you need it. Launched at CA World 2015, CA Service Virtualization on Demand represents a significant innovation milestone for CA and the very first fully consumptive Service Virtualization marketplace offering with one of the world’s largest cloud providers.  


Service Virtualization on Demand is the first service virtualization solution certified by Microsoft for Azure and will enable developers to quickly simulate environments for testing of traditional and cloud-based applications and provide the agility needed to bring applications to market faster. This limited launch is focused in the US, with global roll-out coming soon.


CA Service Virtualization on Demand for Azure give testers and developers, at companies of all sizes, a cost-effective way to leverage the benefits of service virtualization. When needed, users can access CA Service Virtualization on Demand, via the Azure Marketplace portal, with an hourly charge of $6.85, in addition to any Azure infrastructure charges.


Customers new to Azure have the ability to try both Azure and Service Virtualization on Demand for FREE for the first 30 days. This, in addition to the Service Virtualization for Developers (link) is a great way for future developers to try before they invest in the Service Virtualization Enterprise version. Visit for details.



By using CA Service Virtualization, customers realize the benefit of “Shift-Left” across the entire Application Development Lifecycle, typically reporting a 25-50% reduction in the overall application development timeline. Customers also report that 60-90% more defects are detected at least one step earlier in the SDLC, reducing the cost of defect remediation and risk to the business and release schedule.

As part of this launch we had several activities delivered during and post CA World, including:

  • Keynote panel with Otto Berkes CTO, CA Technologies by Steve “Guggs” Guggenhimer, Corporate VP and Chief Evangelist at Microsoft (Opening session on 11/19/2015)  and MSFT CAW World Sponsorship.



  • Microsoft and CA session on Service Virtualization on Demand in Theater 3 with Stefana Muller (CA) and Giovanni Marchetti (Deck Link)


  • Dedicated Demo station for Service Virtualization on Demand (on Azure)


  • TechTalk Session in DevOps Theater 3. Deck Link


  • DevOps focused press release during CA World will have Service Virtualization on Demand on Azure. (PR Link)


Are you ready to take on this New Years Resolution?

If so, join us on January 12, 2016 for the joint Microsoft Azure and CA Technologies webinar that will present the ins and outs of Service Virtualization on Demand. For more information, register here [Link].



2016 DevTest New Years Resolutions

  1. Remove Constraints by Trying Out Service Virtualization on Demand
  2. Accelerate My Continuous Delivery Tool Chain with Docker