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The Beauty of GEMO Applied to Core CA PPM Deployments

By obipa01 posted 10-18-2018 12:22 PM


It was about 15 years ago when I first heard the term GEMO, the acronym for “good enough; move on.” I was working for a PMO at the time, and GEMO became our mantra.


The head of our PMO—I’ll call her Jane —was a strong and confident leader in a tough healthcare environment in Canada. Since we had very aggressive goals, Jane needed her team, a self-professed bunch of perfectionists, to focus on our most important tasks. She knew that, left to our own druthers, we could get lost in analysis paralysis. 


Jane also understood the PMO’s stakeholders: physicians—also perfectionists—for whom patient care was Job 1.

Our work was about business processes—not so much about patient care. For that reason, Jane knew that while our work had to be good enough to achieve our goals, it did not need to be perfect.


I’ve never forgotten that lesson and, over the years, I’ve applied it at many of my customers.


How does this all apply to Core CA PPM deployments? That’s where GEMO comes in very handy: If you understand that good enough gets you far enough, you know that CA PPM will give you proof of value in four to six weeks. 


What’s the trick? Really, there is no trick—you focus on the CA PPM core benefits you’re trying to achieve and break them into smaller, incremental—and thus achievable—goals. That’s working in an agile fashion—incrementally building on the implementation and configuration you initially deploy.


Does this mean you need to have a highly complex initial deployment? No! Let’s say you start your CA PPM deployment with a basic configuration: You load resources, some canned security groups, a very simple OBS, and basic use cases to get you up and running quickly. Working closely with CA Services, you’ll identify your basic needs and get the minimum basic configuration up and running, all in two to four weeks. Proof of value then follows quickly.   


With CA’s classic UX, this process required a fair amount of coaching and hands-on training for end users. But with CA PPM’s new UX, end-user training is much simpler. The intuitive new task board and simplified design allow end users to learn CA PPM, leverage its power and start being productive almost from day one. Typically, the biggest challenge is cleansing your source data from your old systems. 


With CA PPM’s new UX, organizations reach the “good enough” point with the initial deployment. While it won’t accomplish 100% of your goals out of the gate, it will let you take a big first step in the right direction. Your organization gets the value of a strong PPM system, users engage and work in the tool, and you learn how you can tweak your processes to better incorporate CA PPM in managing your organization’s work.


After you reach the “good enough” point and realize initial value, you can “move on” to the next incremental steps that will achieve your long-term CA PPM goals at almost any cadence you choose. As you work with CA Services on the initial deployment, the consultant will help you understand the possibilities for succeeding increments.


That’s the beauty of GEMO: Your initial implementation doesn’t have to be perfect; it just has to be good enough. You focus on a quick and lean configuration for your initial deployment, and follow up with a clear path for your next increment. Then you rinse and repeat.


Talk to one of our sales folks to learn more about our Core PPM deployment offering.  It’s your best option for a quick time to value PPM solution.

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The Beauty of GEMO Applied to Core CA PPM Deployments