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CA Security Community: What You May Have Missed (Feb. 16th - Feb. 21st)

By Chris_Stallone posted 02-22-2016 10:14 AM


What happened in the CA Security Community? Here's a quick recap...



News & Announcements

Configuring an ALL-IN-ONE VM Image - Part 8

Tech Specs: New Features Coming with the 2016.1 Upgrade Tech Specs: New Features Coming with the 2016.1 Upgrade

Chat Transcript: Office Hours for CA Single Sign-On [Feb 18th]

CA Privileged Identity Manager Critial Alert


Upcoming Events

Office Hours for CA Advanced Authentication: A Live Online Chat [Mar. 1st]



SharePoint Integration with CA SSO(SiteMinder 12.52) for users accessing from external network without VPN

DSA_I3420 The DXgrid .db file failed to load as it contains the object identifier '(1.3.6.x.x.x)' which is not defined in the directory schema.

SiteMinder (SSO) Log Analysis / Analytics tool

SiteMinder WebAgents - Supports 4.x agents

CA Siteminder : Does changing HCO value needs restart of service?

PAM 2.5.x - LDAP import getting 9009 error

Setup OpenID Authentication Scheme (Google)

Authentication Protocol Service Management app mobile

SiteMinder 12.52 WAM GUI - https setup

Way to calculate time taken for the data replication


New Ideas

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Data Protection: bulk audit enhancement - add comments and ability to use new issue option

Product Enhance Request

Need WSo2 App Manager Federation listed under RunBook

Option to change CAPKI for CA Directory Server

CA Directory installation with Unix Network Users

Enable/Disable on Profile Tabs

aas install fails with readonly home directory

Having consistent service scripts names across Secure Cloud Components